Dr Nim Njuguna & Kenya; distribution in Burundi; team leaders and new trainees

Recently God has blessed us with some wonderful new people joining ‘easyBibles’.

It is great to welcome a new Kenyan friend, Dr Nim Njuguna who is a tutor for The London Spirituality Centre –  http://spiritualitycentre.org/index.php/developing/encounter-the-london-course/tutors , and organises volunteers on Wednesdays for the Victoria & Albert Museum, London and has also been selected to be an African Changemaker (100 chosen out of 1000 people proposed by their African contacts) to join a project by the Royal Society of Arts – http://www.thersa.org/action-research-centre/community-and-public-services/diaspora-changemakers .

Nim also already runs his own mission to Nakuru, Kenya :
www.nectuk.org includes encouraging young Kenyans (inc 2nd generation) to meet with in Kenya and encourage young Kenyans there by such useful practical schemes as raising goats.
It is wonderful to have Dr Nim’s help with easylenguges for Kenya too. Please pray, too, for his application to be Quaker Chaplain ( one day/week at Wormwood Scrubs Prison, London).
A very important part of our ministry is the distribution of gospels to help the poor and especially the poor readers. These gospels are NOT for the middle classes and their children as they already have Bibles BUT TO REACH THE POOREST PARTS OF EACH NATION!.
So, i greatly admire the ministries of Bishop Evariste and Pastor Elie (DRC) and their sacrificial desire (using their own money too) to start schools helping the ‘least of these their brothers and sisters’ Matthew 25 v 40. They’re helping Pygmies from the jungle areas too. We hope soon for some more photos but DRC has had internet problems for 2 weeks.
Bishop Alain in Burundi sent me this encouraging report yesterday :
‘Dear Rev Martin, Receive my greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I would like to inform you that i started the distribution. The strategy i use is to distribute books in different churches to the poorest people who are not able to buy the Bible.As soon as i finish to distribute  i will send you the report with pictures. Bishop Alain MUBIGALO MUTIKI’
I strongly respect all the men mentioned above, who are prepared to LEAD THEIR TEAMS FROM THE FRONT AND CHECK TEXTS THEMSELVES. THEY ARE NOT ARMCHAIR GENERALS!
I have also asked them to find a few young people to train to produce future translations. All of our work will need revising as we proceed and improve.
Now that we shall soon be printing ‘Over Half the New Testament’ (4 Gospels + Acts) in several languages we need to concentrate on distribution, collecting feedback and testimonies with photos and improving our documents to make them more relevant and helpful in spreading Christ’s wonderful message of love and salvation to ALL people. Matthew 28 v 19, 20.

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