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Easy Bibles

‘Poorest 20 nations’ is worth studying.

Three African nations making excellent progress are :

Bishop Wilson in Busia, Uganda – 4 gospels in level A easyLugwe printed by SIM, Nairobi + sent back to Uganda for field-testing and improving before 2nd printing together with Acts for OHNT (over half New Testament). This […]

Purpose of www.easyBibles.com; jobs left to do

As i will be 75 this year and Jenny and i provide over 85% of the funds for ‘easyBibles’ – now is a good time to review our priorities :

Phase 1 for any language will be to publish and distribute 100 or 200 copies of ‘4 Gospels and Acts’ at easy level A plus […]

Fasting Wed 4th Feb – Bible Society and easyEnglish; Trustees and our new CIO

It’s good to hear from my friend John Williams of MissionAssist (formerly Wycliffe Associates UK) that :

‘The Bible Society have decided to produce print-on-demand versions of Matthew, Luke and John. They have already printed Mark, so that will mean all four Gospels are available in EasyEnglish.’

This is the same level A that many […]