Purpose of www.easyBibles.com; jobs left to do

As i will be 75 this year and Jenny and i provide over 85% of the funds for ‘easyBibles’ – now is a good time to review our priorities :

Phase 1 for any language will be to publish and distribute 100 or 200 copies of ‘4 Gospels and Acts’ at easy level A plus the 4 volumes of veryeasyBible Stories.

THIS IS AS FAR AS WE SHALL GET IN MY LIFETIME FOR MANY LANGUAGES. But once teams have produced these documents, they will be well placed to finish the New Testament – should they wish – without my help. And their churches can raise the money to print more copies. Also, when the readers have mastered these 5 books at level A then they should be able to move on to existing Bibles.

Phase 2 will be for languages without Bibles to move on to. Then for teams agreeing not to produce New Testaments that hurt the gay community we shall move forward together through Romans and 1 Corinthians……

Phase 2 has already started with a team in Uganda and i rejoice. Praise God!

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