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‘Poorest 20 nations’ is worth studying.

Three African nations making excellent progress are :

Bishop Wilson in Busia, Uganda – 4 gospels in level A easyLugwe printed by SIM, Nairobi + sent back to Uganda for field-testing and improving before 2nd printing together with Acts for OHNT (over half New Testament). This team then need to finish and test the 4 volumes of veryeasy Bible Stories ( from https://sites.google.com/site/easybibles2/veryeasyenglish ) before moving on to Phase 2.

Bishop Alain from Burundi will soon be having 100 copies of OHNT in easyKirundi level A printed locally before field-testing. His team will then need to complete the 4 volumes of veryeasy Bible Stories to finish Phase 1 .

Similarly Bishop Evariste (ably assisted by Pastor Elie) from Lubumbashi, DRC doing 4 languages including French for Africa– have the 4 gospels ready to print in DRC and by SIM, Nairobi. I’ll probably wait for the OHNT to be ready before printing with SIM, Nairobi. This will give me time to seek more francophone African countries willing to test some of these books – as volunteers. This team is also working on the 4 volumes of veryeasy Bible Stories to finish Phase 1.

Please observe our renewed emphasis on finishing the 4 volumes of veryeasy Bible stories – to complete Phase 1. The 3 bishops mentioned above are all members of the African Inland Church. May their understanding of ‘easyBibles’ spread throughout AIC and other churches! For the inspiring history of AIC please read www.biblicalstudies.org.uk/pdf/ajet/14-2_045.pdf .

Below we see Bishop Alain (Burundi, the 4th poorest nation in the world) distributing easyKirundi level A gospels from SIM, Nairobi to various churches. We hope soon to contact CAR – the Central African Republic, the poorest nation, to encourage easyFrench and easySango through friends in neighbouring South Sudan.

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