No.4 Phase 2 – Inspiration to keep going; Central African Republic, Uganda and Ethiopia


Please see my new PAGE above called PHASES 1 & 2.

I rejoice particularly today for the Central African Republic (CAR) – the poorest nation on Earth and wonderful on-going purposeful developments in UGANDA and ETHIOPIA:

1. Alison, my friend for about 6 years from Nzara, South Sudan doing easyZande and studying in Kampala, Uganda […]

2017 New website update No.3 – EasyEnglish


We build easyBibles with help from many friends including MissionAssist (also known as Wycliffe Associates – UK). Here is a note from their Website Manager John Williams:

‘EasyEnglish listed in the Top 20! The Get.Bible website (managed by the American Bible Society) have carried out a survey of the most popular Bible websites in the […]

2017 New website update No.2 – EasyBibles Society of India; Asian Conference for EasyBibles; bank for CIO


Dear friends – OUR NEW WEBSITE IS NOW FINISHED AND I’VE STARTED EDITING AND REPLACING POSTS AS WELL AS ADDING NEW ONES. PRAISE GOD! i received splendid help from a new friend who lives near to Bangor, North Wales and he has done a superb job. We are using JustHost which is very helpful and […]

2017 New website update No.1 – Fasting March 1st – St David’s Day in Wales; easyBibles Societies Start; NEW SITE READY!!


Today we officially announce the launch of our new ‘EasyBibles’ Societies to help poor and marginalised people in Kenya and Rwanda.

In particular please watch TOP TABLE and PREMIER LEAGUE as they develop.

Our featured image (these are always on the right) is that wonderful sign from God -THE RAINBOW

I have yet to […]