2017 New website update No.2 – EasyBibles Society of India; Asian Conference for EasyBibles; bank for CIO

i received splendid help from a new friend who lives near to Bangor, North Wales and he has done a superb job. We are using JustHost which is very helpful and staying with WordPress, because their templates are what i’m used to. Please see the new site and email me comments to mlloyd3000@gmail.com.
As we have lost 2 years of updates plus many files, please soon email me any missing files as attachments. I shall hunt through my old emails too.

ENCOURAGING NEWS FROM INDIA where the new EASYBIBLES SOCIETY OF INDIA has taken several steps forward. During my 7 visits to India i met the General Secretary of the Friends Missionary Prayer Band (one of the largest missions in the world – mainly sending missionaries from South India to North India). He has recommended me to meet the leader of Wycliffe India and after phone calls and emails we are tentatively arranging for me to travel to his base in Dehradun, North India for July 21st – 25th. He hopes to invite team leaders from different parts of India to join our meetings.
Please pray for these plans as i have visited India hopefully before – with many disappointments – and we want to use our time purposefully.
Today, Sunday 19th, i’ve just arranged to meet Revd Vaiphei in India – either in Dehradun or Kolkata for those dates. He currently leads our best Indian team – in Manipur – where he translates for their Bible Society, too.

The Wycliffe India leader remembers my addressing a conference in Hyderabad c 2003 (promoting easyEnglish standing on a chair as they all queued up for lunch). John Waters – still the leader of WBT/SIL INTERNATIONAL remarked – in a friendly manner – that everywhere he went he couldn’t escape from Wycliffe Associates.

For the following week, Wed 26th to c Wed Aug 2nd (when i plan to return home), i’m praying for a venue for our first ASIAN CONFERENCE – preferably hosted by a nation – such as Indonesia (Jakarta) – who will be well on their way to joining Top Table by July 2017. Please Asian friends come back with offers/suggestions. I’ll probably visit Africa/Kenya again in 2018 – then Asia again in 2019 – God willing.

So much prayer needed please for July and especially for India.

Please pray also for our Trustees and myself hope to persuade a local bank to process UK donations for our new CIO or Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

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