2017 New website update No.3 – EasyEnglish

We build easyBibles with help from many friends including MissionAssist (also known as Wycliffe Associates – UK). Here is a note from their Website Manager John Williams:

‘EasyEnglish listed in the Top 20!
The Get.Bible website (managed by the American Bible Society) have carried out a survey of the most popular Bible websites in the world and created a graphic using their logos. How many can you recognise?

(This image is seen on the featured image to the right)

Hopefully, you spotted the “ee” for EasyEnglish in there. We came in at number 12 in the survey and their description of our website is:

No.12 Easyenglish.info – EasyEnglish is clear and simple English (vocabulary with a smaller word count), developed by MissionAssist

New address for EasyEnglish Website
The web address of the EasyEnglish Bible is www.easyenglish.info but we will soon be moving to a new address: www.easyenglish.bible. The content of the site will stay the same.’

Martin adds – the above note is from easyEnglish and THE ADDRESS OF EASYBIBLES IS UNCHANGED.

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