No.4 Phase 2 – Inspiration to keep going; Central African Republic, Uganda and Ethiopia

Please see my new PAGE above called PHASES 1 & 2.

I rejoice particularly today for the Central African Republic (CAR) – the poorest nation on Earth and wonderful on-going purposeful developments in UGANDA and ETHIOPIA:

1. Alison, my friend for about 6 years from Nzara, South Sudan doing easyZande and studying in Kampala, Uganda has found a new friend from the CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC (see to start Luke’s Gospel in easySango. There has been much prayer for this day!

2. Bishop Wilson in Busia, Uganda has persevered with the Education Dept to combine Lugwe and a nearby language called Lusamia to produce a new Orthography. 3 Students have graduated through training to translate the Bible again and have reached Galatians in the NT.
The featured photo shows the enthronement recently of the new King of the Bagwe peoples in Busia. I met this man 2 years ago in Busia when Bishop Wilson launched the book of Acts in easyLugwe. Soon afterwards they finished the whole NT. Then the Education Department insisted that his team did the whole NT again with the revised Orthography. They have got as far as Galatians.

3. H in Addis Ababa is the new leader of easyBibles in Ethiopia. Since he started in Jan 2017 he has finished 10 chapters of Mark in easyAnharic level A. This is excellent progress and his friend is working on easyOromo.

More news soon!

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