No.5 – Uganda & Kenya Conferences April 25th to May 4th

I arrive at Entebbe airport at 03.30 am on Tues 25th April and will wait in a cafe to meet friends led by Bp Isaac Mokakha and then travel to Kampala for a simple Conference on Wed 26th or Thurs 27th before catching a bus to Kisumu where we conference together from Fri 28th till Mon 1st May. We return by bus to Kampala – stopping en route to meet Bp Isaac’s helpful family and friends in Busia, Kenya and then to meet again some of Bishop Wilson’s family and their new king in Busia, Uganda.

I had a wonderful time with these people in Busia, Uganda in Sept 2015. Some of Bishop Wilson’s wonderful family ( they have 12 daughters} are in our featured photo.

In my last update, i mentioned the move forward in CAR and i hope to encourage Alison from South Sudan in his wonderful ministry.

You’ll notice that we’re getting to grips with easy level A and veryeasy Bible materials for the poorest countries in the world. Please see page ‘POOREST 20 NATIONS’ above.

Translators and their teams are usually rich by comparison – they can speak English and use computers/tablets.

James ch. 2 v 5 reminds us that ‘God has chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom he promised to those who love him.’

More on Wed, particularly about India and Asia – Fasting Wed April 5th.

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