No.7 – Fasting Wed April 5th; Asian Conference, Vaiphei; World’s poorest nations

Because of the rapid developments in Africa – my main focus for easyBibles; I have had to delay my Asia Conference until next year – probably starting in Kolkata, India with our new leader of the EasyBibles Society for India – Revd Khupkam Vaiphei who already is a translator with the VAIPHEI BIBLE TRANSLATION COMMITTEE in Manipur and will finish the NT at level A before we meet again. We first met at the 2010 Conference in Tokyo. His eldest son Lianneilun and his whole family wonderfully support him. One of his recent rallies is our featured photo. A man of deep spirituality who fasts often. He is well ahead of others doing easyBibles not only in India but also in Asia. His existing Bible Society has verified his level A materials.

More about this conference and other places (perhaps Nias a tsunami island of Indonesia or Kuala Lumpur or Shanghai) that i’ll visit (God willing -I’ll be 77 then) next year.

Soon another update as my plans for April 24th to May 4th in Uganda and Kenya emerge. It seems Bishop Isaac and i shall be able to reach several translators from the world’s poorest nations to start or continue with easyBibles. Countries include those at the foot of the tables referred to in such as the Central African Republic, Somalia, Burundi and Malawi. Pastor Elie Kakudji in DCR already, of course helps many nations with ‘easyFrench for Africa’.

Praise God!

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