No.8 – Stronger team for easyNepali; London Conference in Oct

Through my relative Paul Marsh (my mother’s name before marriage was Lillian Marsh) who travels frequently to India and Africa – preaching and now also telling people about easyBibles – i was introduced to a fellowship near to Birkenhead, England.

I hope to visit them again soon and thank them for introducing me recently to someone who worked for many years in Nepal and who is an expert on the Nepali language. This retired missionary has already exchanged emails with Harka Khadka – the leader of the easyNepali team. They found that they have friends in common. Harka will spend a few days (perhaps a week) in UK en route to US. He’ll be in London from about Oct 23rd and will meet the retired missionary and myself.
Pastor Harka attended our last London Conference about 5 years ago and when i get back from Kampala in May i’ll start to put together another one.

The featured photo is of one of the many easyNepali booklets on and

I first met Pastor Harka in Los Angeles at ITN doing his Masters degree about 10 years ago the twice in London.
It would be great if he could attend the Asian Conference in Kolkata early in 2018. Nepali is also one of the official languages of India.

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