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We’ve just had an email from our European friends of 20 years who are in a place in Kenya – too dangerous to mention. Their children are back in Europe. As a young family they bravely worked in N W Kenya – relying on Moslem friends to protect them!

Our new CIO will be several weeks yet to be ready so for UK donors wishing to add reclaimed income tax :

PLEASE CONTACT ME AT and we can discuss how you may send DONATIONS directly to them at SIM.

Alternatively you can donate to our British friends (i used to teach Tony now an engineer c 40 years ago before he met Judy) now in Burundi through their mission – EMI in Colchester. England. Please contact me for their latest newsletter.

My itinerary still to follow next week

The featured image is of a learning disabled Shepherd carrying a sheep. We have many sheep in Wales and i’m sure that world-wide there are many learning disabled people helping on farms.

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