No.10 – Easter Saturday and Sunday; C S Lewis, Rowan Williams and John Humphrys; 5 Poorest Nations

Today i rejoice that many other missions have started easy-to read Scriptures whether in written form or oral ministries. I only suggest that it is far better for the copyrights to stay with the relevant nations and not with US or UK etc.

We all, of course, rejoice in the Messages of Good Friday and Easter Sunday but could we please consider EASTER SATURDAY – based on 1 Peter chapter 3 v 19, 20; 4 v 6. Where did Jesus go and why? How does it affect people today living in an unfair world? The God i worship is fair, just and loving. C S Lewis believed in purgatory. About 4 years ago John Humphrys on Radio 4 in London in discussion with Rowan Williams asked Rowan if he believed that there would be a second chance (for people to accept Christ after death). Rowan quietly replied ‘Yes’.
I agree. This life isn’t fair – especially if someone is born in Syria. I fully believe that eternal life will be fair.

For the next few months, i wish to give priority to the world’s 5 poorest nations as seen below :

International Monetary Fund – in US dollars per year

157 Nepal – ASIA 2,463

161 Zimbabwe 1,984
162 Uganda 2,002
163 South Sudan 1,995
164 Solomon Islands 1,955
165 Afghanistan – ASIA 1,937
166 Rwanda 1,810
167 Ethiopia 1,804
168 Kiribati – Pacific Ocean
169 Haiti – Caribbean 1,757
170 Burkina Faso 1,727
171 Gambia, The 1,650
172 Sierra Leone 1,593
173 Comoros 1,522
174 Guinea-Bissau 1,511
175 Togo 1,489
176 Madagascar 1,466
177 Eritrea 1,300
178 Guinea 1,238
179 Mozambique 1,192
180 Malawi 1,126
181 Niger 1,077
182 Liberia 875
183 Burundi 831
184 Congo, Dem. Rep. 767
185 Central African Republic 628

We need to add Somalia – this table is 6 months old.

More on these 5 tomorrow and another 5 in the Easter Sunday update.

The featured photo is from our Zambian Conference in Feb 2012 when we took it in turns to be under the blanket while the pastor’s daughter sang, ‘God loves all the little children, All the children of the world.
Red and yellow, black and white, All are precious in His sight,
God loves all the children of the world.’


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