No.11 – Easter Saturday Update; Real ‘Christians’; Poorest 5 Nations

Following yesterday’s update it seemed correct to my small grey cells (we watched Poirot again last night) to celebrate Easter Saturday by going out for a meal, We celebrate Easter Sunday at a daughter’s church in Birkenhead, England.

To emphasise that i believe there is a Second Chance after death for us all – to accept Christ’s love.

Acts 11 v 26 Luke tells us that ‘The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch’
Antioch is still in SYRIA.
The first country mentioned in Luke’s Nativity account in Luke chapter 2 v 1 is SYRIA.

HOW DO WE UNDERSTAND THE NEW DONALD TRUMP?? I mention a common question for us all to pray about. Many people and time will supply answers.
But Jesus never used the word ‘Christian’. Today we need to tell the difference between ‘Christians’ and ‘Real Christians’ – who seldom if ever still attend church but follow Jesus more faithfully than some church-goers who are judgemental bigots and hypocrites. Please notice the word ‘some’.

My experience is that Atheists are often near to believing – they certainly need faith. Good Jews, Moslems and Hindus can be pleasant, peaceful friends and respect us and our faith. We shall get many surprises in Heaven.

As mentioned yeasterday, i hope to move these on during my visit to Africa from April 24th to May 3rd

1. Poorest (hard to tell with so many wars) is Somalia. My European friends who work with SIM – have just emailed me to introduce me to their leader in Nairobi – please see previous update and DONATIONS.
2. Central African Republic – I shall meet Narcisse – a refugee in Uganda in Kampala very soon. My South Sudanese friend Alison tells me that he has helped him to start Luke chapter 1 in easySango already. Narcisse aims to finish ch. 2 before we meet.
3. Democratic Republic of the Congo – they have advanced strongly at level A in 4 languages including ‘French for Africa’, Swahili for the Congo, and Lingala.
4. Burundi – my friend and former pupil Tony is there now with EMI – please see DONATIONS. Also 3 other teams are involved. We already have easyKirundi level A and veryeasyKirundi on our site but they need revising. Tony has just emailed me to inform me of 2 more contacts – one studying in Oxford Centre for Missionary Studies for the next 10 weeks.
5. Liberia – sorry we’ve yet to find contacts for this nation of over 4 million people. English is their national language but there must also be local languages that ‘speak to the heart’.


The featured photo is of Revd Khupkam Vaiphei preaching in Manipur, India. I shall mention ASIA again next week.


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