No.16 – Africa 2017 part 2 – Kisumu on Fri 28th April; Legion Maria Catholics from Kisii; Busia, Kenya

We arrived at our hotel on Fri afternoon (April 28th) and soon met Caren and her 12 year-old son Don. Karen is doing easyDholuo – a very important language in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.
Sat morning, Cardinal David – who is doing easyEkegusii – arrived with his son Bernard and daughter Eunice. Bernard, aged 30, pastors his own church and was keen to start an easylanguage – forgive my memory – i’ll find out which language soon!

The LEGION MARIA is a break-away Catholic denomination – started in Kenya in 1956 – believing that Christ and the virgin Mary returned to Africa as black people about 200 years ago. Their Pope was reconciled to the Pope in Rome c 1960 and particularly by Pope Jean Paul later. They love and respect Pope Francis – as do many of us!

There are 4.3 million Legion Maria Catholics, mainly in Kenya and Sudan but also spread throughout the world.

In Kenya, under their Pope in Kisumu, are 58 Cardinals, then Archbishops, Bishops…

So far i’ve met Cardinal David (wonderful kindly man – aged 57), Bishop Isaac Makokha (aged 40, my friend) and his Cardinal Protus in Busia, Kenya.

Before leaving our hotel in Kisumu we had a very useful meeting and good fellowship.

Then matatus and rickshaws and motorbikes to Busia, Kenya on Sat 29th April.

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