No.26 – Central African Republic (CAR) easySango; easySomali; money; Ethiopia again, CLUSTERS


Please see and scroll down to see that CAR and Somalia are the poorest nations in the world.

Yesterday i rejoiced to receive Luke’s Gospel at level A from Narcisse in Camp Rhino, North Uganda in easySango of CAR. The dolls in the featured photo – made by a lady in N Wales who […]

No.25 – Fasting Wednesday June 7th; new easylanguages for Ethiopia & Kenya


Just a quick note to congratulate Pastor Henok from Ethiopia for recruiting his friend Pastor Johannis to start easyGembatgna Luke’s Gospel.

Bishop Isaac reports today that ‘easyLunyala, easyTeso among others, new more languages are arising and new people are getting encouraged and being involved with easyBibles.

Within my teams, new easyMaragoli and easyBukusu are just […]

No.24 – Ethiopia again; Vaiphei certificate; level A Luke’s Gospels; CIO


My usual donations for the developing world are just to send £100 by Western Union for printing Luke’s Gospel – after it is checked and field-tested. Then after all 4 gospels + Acts are finished i send another £200 to buy a new or second-hand Epson printer – so that the team may print and […]