No.25 – Fasting Wednesday June 7th; new easylanguages for Ethiopia & Kenya

Just a quick note to congratulate Pastor Henok from Ethiopia for recruiting his friend Pastor Johannis to start easyGembatgna Luke’s Gospel.

Bishop Isaac reports today that ‘easyLunyala, easyTeso among others, new more languages are arising and
new people are getting encouraged and being involved with easyBibles.

Within my teams, new easyMaragoli and easyBukusu are just started
being translated with my friends whom I will introduce to you later,
and you should be waiting to receive their Luke at Level A just soon.

Though this two languages have the old versions but there is a need
for new versions, and easy to read is the best version for these

These are among my larger Luhya Community.


Please keep in your prayers Tuesday 27th June for:
1. Bishop Isaac and Cardinal David meet my brave European missionary friends in Kijabe Hospital, Kenya to discuss starting easySomali. I hope to meet with them at the same place in January 2018.
2. The Treasurer of our new CIO will join me at Barclay’s Bank, Bangor, North Wales to meet the local Business Manager and hopefully open a Bank Account to receive donations from UK donors. These donations will then have 25% reclaimed tax added.

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