No.29 – CIO latest; Kia & Narcisse; Camp Rhino; CLUSTERS; f/b ‘Open House’; Somali

Please keep praying for our new CIO! We’re currently hindered by trustees on summer holidays needing to fill in forms – but we’re nearly there.
We rejoice that Kia Moses has agreed to be i/c of easyBibles for Kampala assisted by his friend Kabaale Benard – both are students at St Lawrence’s University.
Kia was for 4 months staying at Camp Rhino near Arua in North Uganda where he met Narcisse Bakouroua. They became good friends and Narcisse has kindly agreed to lead easyBibles in this large refugee camp. Camp Rhino will soon become a leading place for easyBibles. Already French, Lingala, Sango, Dinka and Bari have started there. It is in many ways a sad place – perhaps we can do a little to cheer it up. Please see –

Bp Isaac Makhoka aims to visit both Kampala and Camp Rhino later this year.

1. Manipur, India – Revd Khupkam Vaiphei – as well as doing his own language has inspired teams to start Thado kuki and Simte languages. The featured photo shows his son Lianneilun delivering a Kindle Fire tablet to a new friend doing a new easylanguage.
2. Ethiopia – Pastor Henok Estifanos has not only worked very well doing easyAmharic and tidying (helped by Tewodros) Luke in Oromo – but encouraged Yohanni to flourish with easyKembatta and Tsega’ab with easyTigrinia.
3. Kenya – Bp Isaac has finished an exciting New Testament in easySwahili for Kenya – is working quickly through Lukhayo and Marachi is also encouraging Ekegusii, Dholuo, Somali, Ateso, Bukusu, Lunyala, Ekegusii, Lunyole, Wanga…..

Facebook ‘Open House’ – please see and join if you wish this gay-affirming public group – but please read the pinned post first – link is —

Thanks for praying for our brave European missionary friends in N W Kenya as national elections draw nearer. Click on DONATIONS about(SIM UK) TO HELP THEM AND PLEASE PRAY. Recent message from them : ‘ We feel the Lord is protecting us with His army’. They are working to find volunteers to help Bp Isaac with easySomali. Bp Isaac met them recently in Kijabe, Kenya.

So we rejoice that easyBibles is at last reaching the poorest nations – Central African Republic (Sango) and Somalia. Praise God – He is faithful.

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