No.31 – Manipur & Nagaland, India; Ethiopia; Bangor Anglican Diocese and easyAteso for Uganda; PRIDES

Pastor Vaiphei is shown in the featured image speaking to a Conference about easyVaiphei.
He has wonderfully started about 4 new easylanguages in Manipur plus one from adjacant Nagaland – and is reaching out to find volunteers for Hindi. New Indian contacts on Facebook are also offering Telugu, Tamil and even languages from Malaysia.

Pastor Henok from Ethiopia is doing as well with about 4 new languages including Tigrinya.
The Anglican Diocese of Bangor in North Wales is soon to contact friends in Uganda needing easyAteso gospel booklets from Bp Isaac’s friend Nashon Makaya.

As is moving towards affirming ‘gay’ people (although not all our teams agree with me) – i rejoiced on Saturday 19th and yesterday in attending Chester and Manchester Prides. I made new friends important to our work.

More news soon on fasting Wed September 6th.

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