No.33 – God’s blessing us; New teams and languages; Pakistan, Malaysia; CIO – YES!!!


We now rejoice in 5 easylanguages that have finished in Ethiopia and a similar number in India – Manipur and Nagaland – also Punjabi, newly starting in Pakistan will , of course, work in India, too. We British did much good in the world, but have much to apologise for, as well. It’s great that […]

No.32 – Fasting Wed 6th September; CIO and more nations; Children’s work in UK; easySpanish


Dear friends – please pray for our application for a bank account for our Charitable Incorporated is soon successful as we reach out to even more nations and languages.

We’ve a good contact for easySpanish in Lima, Peru – the featured photo is from my friends in Indonesia.

Because of the strong leadership of Revd […]