No.32 – Fasting Wed 6th September; CIO and more nations; Children’s work in UK; easySpanish

Dear friends – please pray for our application for a bank account for our Charitable Incorporated is soon successful as we reach out to even more nations and languages.

We’ve a good contact for easySpanish in Lima, Peru – the featured photo is from my friends in Indonesia.

Because of the strong leadership of Revd Khupkam Vaiphei in Manipur, India we’re hoping to strengthen our ministry in Asia – already in neighbouring Nagaland ….

Graham and Suzie are helping me to consider new ways of reaching out to children and young people in Flint and Holyhead, North Wales.
We’re trying new ideas of DOING CHURCH; karaoke for adults in pubs; parties and dancing classes and artwork for children – to get them away from spending all day on their tablets and i-phones. And introduce Christ afresh to all ages.

Thanks for your prayers!

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