No.40 – Wonderful problem; new site soon; Kampala Conference latest news


We’ve an expected but wonderful new problem. Although i’ve removed and stored our level B Commentaries i’ve now got gospel files coming in so fast that www.easy IS FULL. Perhaps we should next move level A texts out and onto another site called www.level A ? Then in future our 3rd site could […]



Dear friends – on Nov 26th 2003 i was in the office of Henry Kalulah the General Secretary of the Bible Society of Uganda telling him about easyEnglish when he suggested that build a team to start easySwahili. Since then i’ve had the privilege to travel to Asia ( China and India both 7 times […]

No.38 – Dinka & Nuer; Arabic; Updates and Facebook; Pukka members


Today i rejoice that Dinka and Nuer refugees in Camp Rhino, Uganda – but from South Sudan – both encouraged by my young friend Patrick are not only doing easyBibles at level A but are to travel TOGETHER to Kampala for our CONFERENCE THERE from Dec 4 – 10th.

Another friend in Khartoum has started […]

No.37- Ethiopia; Distinguished enthusiasts; Flint

CQ Baptist Church 16.3 A4

Ethiopia is doing very well with 4 level A easylanguages (Tigrinya, Somali, Amharic and Wolayitta) having finished all 4 gospels and Acts. They are also finishing Oromo and starting Southern Ethiopian languages Maale,Gamo and Gofa.

Like other teams they will soon finish translating and checking Joyce Ferrie’s 4 volumes of ‘veryeasy’ gospel stories.

We have […]

No.36 – TOP TABLE; 24 becomes 44 at Level A; Facebook groups


Today on my open fb groups : ‘Open House’, ‘’ and ‘SSM churches UK’ i put : ‘We thank and praise God that the number of teams doing level A translations has risen from about 24 to 44 in 3 months – including easySomali from Ethiopia and easySango from the Central African Republic. At our […]

No.35 – Fasting Wed 1st Nov – DONATIONS button/page ready; major languages of East Africa being printed


At last the DONATIONS button is ready. When UK Donors email me i shall give them the Bank Sort Code and Bank Account Number and also email them the form to claim Gift Aid Tax – currently at 25%. Our CIO Reference Number is 1167836.

We are printing many 1st Editions ahead of our […]