No.35 – Fasting Wed 1st Nov – DONATIONS button/page ready; major languages of East Africa being printed

At last the DONATIONS button is ready. When UK Donors email me i shall give them the Bank Sort Code and Bank Account Number and also email them the form to claim Gift Aid Tax – currently at 25%. Our CIO Reference Number is 1167836.

We are printing many 1st Editions ahead of our Kampala Conference Dec 4th to 10th. East African languages involved include – Swahili, Dholuo, Luganda, French, Lingala, Sango, Bari, Kakwa, Ekegusii, Lukhayo, Marachi, Lugbara, Juba Arabic, Zande, Ateso, Lusoga and Lukonzo. My apologies for leaving someone out. Then we shall use the many minds present and the results of field-testing before printing the 2nd Editions. This is important work.


Although they cannot get to this Conference we rejoice that Pastor Henok in Ethiopia is producing gospels in 5 languages, including Somali and Revd Vaiphei has made similar excellent progress in Manipur, India and also in neighboring Nagaland.


It is also wonderful to be working again with Steven Kaombe of Mozambique – whom i met at the Lilongwe Conference in 2009 and was a great help in Kabwe, Zambia for their Conference in 2012. Working under Bishop Isaac Makokha, Steven will encourage the nations of Southern Africa – with Chichewa, Yao, Portuguese, Bemba, Tumbuka….


We shall obey our government’s rules and not send funds directly to countries banned in ‘’ as we agreed with Barclays Bank. But sadly the world is full of refugees and languages cross national boundaries drawn up by Europeans.

The featured photo shows Kabaale from Kampala holding some recently produced easyLuganda gospels.

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