No.36 – TOP TABLE; 24 becomes 44 at Level A; Facebook groups

Today on my open fb groups : ‘Open House’, ‘’ and ‘SSM churches UK’ i put :
‘We thank and praise God that the number of teams doing level A translations has risen from about 24 to 44 in 3 months – including easySomali from Ethiopia and easySango from the Central African Republic. At our Kampala Conference (Dec 4 – 10) several teams will be displaying their level A New Testaments for critical checking. About 20 people hope to attend, We are much nearer to one of our targets – reaching the poorest 20 nations on Earth.
We do NOT do internet banking but if UK DONORS contact me at i ‘ll happily supply them with the relevant information for our new CIO.’

The explosion of interest is shown in our revised TOP TABLE
The QUALITY and RELEVANCE of our work is based upon field-testing in mother-tongue situations as well as the quality of one of our source texts The ‘EasyEnglish Bible’ – no. 12 in the Featured Photo from our friends in MissionAssist UK.

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