No.37- Ethiopia; Distinguished enthusiasts; Flint

Ethiopia is doing very well with 4 level A easylanguages (Tigrinya, Somali, Amharic and Wolayitta) having finished all 4 gospels and Acts. They are also finishing Oromo and starting Southern Ethiopian languages Maale,Gamo and Gofa.

Like other teams they will soon finish translating and checking Joyce Ferrie’s 4 volumes of ‘veryeasy’ gospel stories.

We have many distinguished and experienced friends, who over the 14 years of ‘easyBibles’ have encouraged this ministry.

I mention some of them below :
1. Fr Jim Fallan i/c Family Prayers for whole Roman Catholic Church (Rosary).
2. Richard Hoyle i/c Eurasia for WBT/SIL.
3. Louis Ratman National Director for WBT/SIL Uganda then Malaysia
4. Fr Alberto Dalfovo – Principal, Philosophy Dept, Makerere, Uganda – who also helped start their Divinity School.
5. Revd Rajendrum formerly CEO Bible Socy of India
6. Fr Mario Cassello, Comboni Catholic missionary to Uganda
7. Andrew xxx a translation consultant for the United Bible Society, living in dangerous places.
8. Lutheran Professor of Chinese, Stavanger Missionary College
9. Professor Carlos Gohn, Brazil
10. Edward George, translation consultant FMPB India
11. Revd Norman Hillyer Librarian at Tyndale House, Cambridge
12. Mr Ma, Principal, Zhoukou Bible College, Henan Province, China,
13. Justus M. Marete, Director For Africa, BethanyKids
14. Several AIM missionaries, Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda, Kenya
15. SIM leaders at Kijabe Hospital, Kenya

My apologies for those i’ve forgotten

This recent email came from an experienced and very brave missionary in West Kenya who with his wife ministers to Somali people :
‘Hello Martin,
I received a donation not long ago from the UK. And all the good things you are doing to make the gospel available to the marginalized people all around the globe God is going to reward you for that.
Be blessed and many greetings’

More news soon about our Kampala Conference – Dec 4 – 10th.

The featured photo is from North Wales Holiday Clubs – last year. Please pray as we move gently forward this Christmas in Flint. Churches in UK are sadly becoming quite weak – many Sunday Schools are closing. We have several missionaries now from Africa and Asia.

Please pray for South America and easySpanish, Tamil, Hindi, Urdu etc. It’s great that we have a new friend in Khartoum doing easyArabic.
Much to celebrate soon about 2018.
God is good -“All the time”

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