No.38 – Dinka & Nuer; Arabic; Updates and Facebook; Pukka members

Today i rejoice that Dinka and Nuer refugees in Camp Rhino, Uganda – but from South Sudan – both encouraged by my young friend Patrick are not only doing easyBibles at level A but are to travel TOGETHER to Kampala for our CONFERENCE THERE from Dec 4 – 10th.

Another friend in Khartoum has started easyArabic (different from Juba Arabic)
In future, as FACEBOOK is becoming so important, especially to poor people in Africa – i shall still do UPDATES on this website – but we shall soon install a fb link too. This fb link will give you the most recent information.
So i expect keen supporters ( i remember the old word ‘PUKKA’ meaning ‘ “fully formed”, “solid”, “permanent”, “for real” or “sure”, “genuine” or sincere.) – i expect them to monitor new UPDATES for themselves. So that by Easter 2018 we shall develop a group of ‘SAS’ style warriors (for prayers, donations and support) to take ‘easyBibles’ forward until Christ returns. This list will include national churches and eventually whole denominations that have accepted full responsibility for reaching their own poor and marginalised people.

Today’s featured photo is a painting by my learning-disabled friend Alan Thompson of the entrance to Heaven – where Alan has lived and rejoiced for nearly 2 years! Praise God!

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