Dear friends – on Nov 26th 2003 i was in the office of Henry Kalulah the General Secretary of the Bible Society of Uganda telling him about easyEnglish when he suggested that build a team to start easySwahili. Since then i’ve had the privilege to travel to Asia ( China and India both 7 times each, Malaysia 2x etc) Africa 11x and Peru once introducing this Mission based on Mt 25 v 40.

In summer 1963 after university i had planned to travel from my parents home in Romford, Essex by boat to Mombasa and on to Makerere University, Kampala to train to teach, get my Dip Ed and spend 27 months teaching in East Africa. My plans changed when my parents sadly divorced and i taught for 35 years in England and Wales.

I married Jenny in May 1967 and this year we celebrated our Golden Wedding. We have a good life together, with our 3 daughters, 2 son-in-laws and 3 grandchildren – doing youth work and since 1984 when i was ordained as a Baptist Minister, we have had churches in Coningsby, Lincolnshire and Llandudno, North Wales. Currently, as well as leading ‘easyBibles’ we are seeking to plant or encourage small gay-affirming churches across North Wales.

Next Sunday i return to Kampala for my 5th visit and greatly look forward to our week-long Conference. We expect 15 to 20 people staying in homes or sleeping on mattresses on a church hall floor and others coming just for Visitors Day on Friday 8th December.

More updates next week.

The featured photo shows dolls made by our friend Elsie Griffiths. Some are already in Camp Rhino,
North Uganda

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