No.43 – Christmas greetings;; Poorest nations; work nearly finished; field-testing

Happy Christmas to all prayer partners!

My second site will soon be constructed to become the Premier site for easyBibles. It is described in Update 42 below and starts in mid-January.

I’m working on my list of POOREST NATIONS to email to anyone interested. Please contact me at

Both sites will get updates but only will have a Donations button.

I’ll not raise money for independent sites. Indeed this is the FUTURE without Martin Lloyd -as many missions have stated in their AIMS
But the work of easyBibles will continue till Christ returns – as gospels etc are modified after field-testing and new editions are needed -but the COPYRIGHT MUST STAY WITH THE NATIONS CONCERNED.

The featured photo from Shanghai shows field-testing by a young man of easyChinese with a middle-aged lady in church’

Happy New Year to us all

Jan comment – this second site is proving so meaningful in East Africa that we shall accept the method and work on it next Monday Jan 18th – namely

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