No.45 – Fasting Wed 7th Feb – vision embraced by Kenya; Tanzania; Pakistan

I’ve just received this wonderful email from Bishop Isaac Makokha in Kenya :

‘Hello again dear Rev Martin.

Just to inform you that I yesterday held a Kenya team meeting and we
agreed on the following.

1) My Epson printer to be given to easyNtombi team and was given to their
leader, Pst Joseph.
2) Myself to share with Caren one printer which will be currently
serving 4Languages (Dholuo, Lukhayo, Marachi and Swahili)
3) Pst Nashon with Sarah Emase leading easyAteso to share their 1
Epson with new easySonga team.
4) Card David to share with new nearby teams in Gusii land – we had a
phone chat with him and he agreed with this new vision for 2018.

Now Rev Martin – the rest remaining 8 teams shall wait till your
accounts be set for them next, as you will be starting with the first
four to be send 400 pounds on 16th Feb for their Epson’s.

1) Ibrahim – easyLunyala
2) Marion – easyLusamia
3) Godfrey Juma – easyLunyole
4) Gosfrey Wesonga – easyLuwanga

Rev Martin thanks for your continues support for KENYA.

The £400 will be to give half the cost of Epson printers to the 4 teams mentioned – this is less generous than i was with Uganda and certainly less than i gave Camp Rhino (where they need solar panels costing $450 each – so far i’ve bought them one plus five printers for this population of 2 million people – mainly widows and children from South Sudan). Bp Isaac is strongly leading his nation forward in easyBibles into INDEPENDENCE.

We are encouraged by similar leadership by my friend of nearly 14 years, Revd Samuel Mpanilehi in Musoma, TANZANIA as well as new friends in PAKISTAN. Please pray for similar conversations starting in Lusaka, Zambia.

Before the new site is ready – i already have 600 members of my Facebook open group ‘’ including about 100 Catholics from US.

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