No.47 – Fasting Wed 7th March; Developing site; Selling books; testimonies; eBs factories

The featured image is hand-drawn from Camp Rhino in Northern Uganda – where Ndoromo Yoseph leads our work. I realise that i’ve used it before – BUT THIS IS TO STRESS THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS CAMP. There are other Camp Rhinos in Africa – BUT THIS ONE – NEAR TO ARUA WILL ALWAYS HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART!!
There – we currently have 5 printers and hope to buy the second solar soon. Camp Rhino is rapidly becoming the example to the world for sacrificial work and the centre of easyBibles ministry, OUR FIRST easyBibles FACTORY !!

Work is developing quickly in Ethiopia, Kenya, CAR, Burundi, Kampala region of Uganda, Manipur and Nagaland, India…. .. . more news very soon.

From Godfrey in Eldoret, Kenya :
‘morning too rev am going well – I finish to print all Wanga gospels and Acts and I printed and sold 10 books thanks a lot.

They are happy because little number of people have no Bible and they is challenged cz they live in a town with a different language where if we show interest it seems as

    honey to them

It’s wonderful that printing is starting in many nations for easyBibles and this will increasingly become INDEPENDENT of the UK as each team supported by their churches assumes responsibilty for funding these translations. It’s the only way forward.



This morning i meet a new man who may help me with my website. Jenny and i have started to link in blogs to carry the extra – fast arriving gospels etc.



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  • masreka habert easy lhukonzo

    I take this honor to thank brother martin who has worked tires sly towards the development of Kampala easy bible team where by per now we have 3 printers at different points/stations thanks so much for the support may u live longer.

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