No. 48 – Pakistan job done in an afternoon; Website; CR factory;

Yesterday as i returned home with the good news that i’ve no cancer in my kidneys, prostate or bladder – it was great to meet 3 people in Pakistan through Facebook who have taken full responsibility for easyBibles for their own nation. They will keep their identities secret to avoid terrorism and start with level A Luke in easyUrdu and easyPunjabi plus some veryeasy Gospel Stories. In case they’re only scammers there is also team B waiting in the wings.

I hope soon to pull Nepal off the fence to acknowledge and affirm ‘gay’ people.

Today i’ve started talking to a Catholic man in Zimbabwe and at the same time to A Nigerian who is starting Luke in easyIbo.

Soon we get professional help for our website – WATCH THIS SPACE


STOP PRESS – A Security Officer in Juba has today joined the team there – to help me hunt out any false team members in South Sudan and Camp Rhino.
And another new friend from South Sudan – now in Khartoum is not only starting easyArabic but well informed about political leadership in South Sudan


Message from my friend John Williams – i’ve known him for 20 years since i had the privilege to lead EasyEnglish to finish it’s first Bible :
‘We have released an app that contains the whole EasyEnglish New Testament. If you have an Android phone or tablet, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.’ OUR FEATURED PHOTO.


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