No.49 – Heb 4-6; Pakistan; Nigeria; Scams; ; Science, Steve Hawking

Hi friends – this will be a mad update – thing are changing so fast that i’m confused and grumpy. People from West Africa and Pakistan are busy scamming; i’m currently dealing with about 20 pubs/cafes/churches/a nunnery wishing to help with John Bercow’s letter (to thousands not just me) about ‘EqualiTeas see’ from Mon June 18th to Mon July 2nd and ‘UK Parliament Week –’ and at the same time encouraging my main teams in Camp Rhino, Uganda to consider themselves more like a factory than a holiday camp.

1. Steve Hawking was/is a great, brave and energetic man. I’m very interested in his later attitudes and what he thinks now. Martin Rees the Astronomer Royal raised some interesting thoughts recently. I must seek help to brush up my Physics.

2. Naughty thought about Adam and Eve – ‘Who made the Apple?’ and why? Hebrews ch 1 v 2
Hebrews is much under-rated
A note that needs on Facebook correcting already :

‘for the last 4 days i’ve been travelling across North Wales from Anglesey to Chester finding pubs, cafes, Catholic nunnery, Presbyterian Church..even man selling sweets on a train seeking to set up about 20 gay-affirming cells to support democracy under the heading of ‘UK Parliament Week’ which is really 2 weeks from Mon 18th June to July 2nd. So far i’ve found about 15 venues and please pray for more to come before May – when the kit including a board game (or boring game) arrives from London (or Moscow – a joke).

More news very soon

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