No. 5 – Well done Ireland; Catholic friends

The Catholics have done it again! Beaten the Baptists to COMMON SENSE.
My heart will be in Ireland in August – but not the rest of me – for family reasons.

The Catholics have had a lot of trouble because of celibacy. Jesus was born of the tribe of Judah and the line of David. Neither of these two men conquered celibacy.

My favourite Catholics in Africa don’t practice or teach Celibacy – 4.2 million of them – who belong to the Legion of Mary – founded after the 2nd World War and fully reconciled with the Pope in Rome by the time of Pope John Paul – so my friend Bishop Isaac tells me.
But that’s their problem not mine! Jesus said that we should not judge – but He also said strong words about people who hurt children. We all need more wisdom and love and not to rush to judgement. Let us remember what C S Lewis said about the Word of God and Purgatory – try Google.

More news soon

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