No.8 – Patrick leads us forward in easyBari from South Sudan; North Wales latest

Great news from ‘Camp Rhino’ near Arua in Northern Uganda near to South Sudan. Patrick a Seventh Day Adventist (and please don’t get sniffy about Adventists) has posted me the 4 gospels in easyBari as booklets. i’LL TELL YOU WHEN THE POSTMAN answers my prayers.

Another Adventist – Henry Kalulah – when he was Gen Sec of the Ugandan Bible Society suggested to me that we start EasyBibles in 2003). He sent me to 2 professors in Arusha, Tanzania. These 2 men were away on their Christmas holidays, Arusha is in the Southern Hemisphere.

I travelled on buses with my Tanzanian friend Samuel Mpanilehi – and my Kenyan friends told me that Tanzanians write the best Swahili in Africa. We went from Musoma via Nairobi and Arusha to Morogoro. Then Samuel and friend Moses Muguro from Nairobi accepted the challenge.

Recently – helped by Bp Isaac Makokha (in whose house in Busia, Kenya i stayed in April 2017) Samuel Mpanilehi has agreed to lead our Gay-affirming, Independent easyBibles for Tanzania.

Bp Isaac leads in Kenya, Pastor Khupkam in Manipur and Nagaland, Pastor Harka Khadkha in Nepal.

God often reminds us the He is God. He said that ‘I am what I am’

We are making slow but steady progress in North Wales for gentle evangelism mainly in pubs – from Mon June 18th till Mon July 2nd – i’ll update you later.
Here, we have been hindered by what, i hope is a temporary spot of dementia – but the interesting contacts i have made, particularly in Flintshire and on Anglesey have encouraged!


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  • Patrick

    I’m humbled to be part of this great team. Thanks RV. Martin and supporters of this ministry.

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