No.10 – More INDEPENDENT Conferences; Malawi, Zambia; Pakistan, Manipur, Nagaland, Nepal; Asia; Peter Bisset

We rejoice at His working and the privilege of being involved.

Too early for fasting Wednesday – but i could’nt wait to tell you :
Today emails from Bp Isaac Makokha and Revd Samuel Mpanilehi – and please also see attached photos (senders – pls note that they need to be less than 1 Mbyte) :

Dear Martin,
The conference was very good! Bishop Isaac is a very good communicator. he encouraged the team a lot and every one was interested to start the work. There were many questions about the Ministry and both of us tried our best to answer most of the questions. I think some of them BP Isaac will share with you later when have time.

I am willing to travel with BP Isaac to another place! may be Malawi or Zambia. we can discuss together with BP Isaac and pray for this coming conference.

From Bp Isaac ;
to Samuel, me

Dear Revd Mpanilehi – for the sake of Rev Martin and yourself use, below is the list of the Tanzania easyBibles team.

Revd Samuel Mpanilehi – ‘Yourself phone’
Bp Kennedy Sigira – 0762 041204
Stweven Ndyanebo – 0765 399321
Esther Barnabas – 0752 045429
Joseph T Gago –
Lucy S Waynse – 0764 286334
Amida John – 0681 102711
Marandu T Kyaolan – 0719 598081
Yusuf Geni – 0764 181726
Magoti Sigira – 0755 004033
Ndoro Musyora –
Zabron Mashenene – 0759 883689 – Jita language
Yoel Mwakakuka – 0762 126938 – Nyakyusa Language
Bariki Ndar – 0788 269 019 – Jita Language
Ngire Jona – 0750 832110
Thobias K Manyama – 679 543229
Ibrahim Manda – Sukuma
Matild’a Emma – Kinyamwezi

Please check and confirm from them the correct spelling for their names. The emails not seen well on my paper, and I fear to make a mistake on spellings.

I will also record for you their languages and total numbers of languages on progress.

Keep connected with members and make them active on translation activities. Please Revd Emanuel, send me the photo in your phone, which we took with you and Marco at the main gates last when leaving your home to Mwanza.

Next time.

Wish you prosperous and successful Tanzania easyBibles team.


Samuel Mpanilehi
1 Jul 2018, 21:23 (9 hours ago)
to isaac, me

Thanks Bishop! This will help a lot to keep in touch with the team! I will also send the photos of both of us! can I also send through whatsapp? I will try both ways: whatsaap and email.


Developments for Asia :

Today’s message to some Asian friends ;

Please read today’s growing update and note how Bp Isaac of Kenya, Revd Samuel Mpanelhi of Tanzania and myself have all had histories of trying to work together. – but God’s grace has triumphed.

Joel and Tulasha – would you please consider helping Revd Vaiphei encourage the area around Pakistan, Nepal,Myanmar and Bangladesh or perhaps Revd Harka can meet us sometime in Kuala Lumpur?

Following on from Peter Bisset’s wonderful help – he still travels from UK to Nepal as a missionary with Nepel Evangelistic Band the INF and has lectured at All Nations College, London > today’s chat with Ps Khupkam of Manipur, India :

Khupkam Vaiphei
14:57 (2 hours ago)
to martin

Dear brother, thank you for the mail copy of Harka & Joel of Nepal you send to me for the information. Ok brother we’ll touch each other only for His glorious name.
God bless you and your ministries.

In Him

martin lloyd
17:01 (0 minutes ago)
to Nepal, Nepal, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Malaysia, Malaysia, India

Thank you Ps khupkam- lets gather a mighty team and as Asia has a much larger population than Africa we will need a larger team of leaders – let’s keep praying for gay-affirming, INDEPENDENT PEOPLE TO LEAD THEIR OWN CULTURES, LANGUAGES AND NATIONS



Ps Khupkam has already spread the vision to NEIGHBOURING Nagaland



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