No.14 – Fasting Wed 1st August; AVSs tidy for East Africa

My recent email to friends in Tanzania, whom i’ve visited twice in the last ten years or so and rejoice to be moving forward with in our new policy of INDEPENDENCE.
(EAST AFRICA is leading the way followed by NORTH-EAST INDIA and it’s NEIGHBOURS.
Bp Isaac Makokha and Revd Khupkam Vaiphei are leading our new AVSs(African/Asian VISION SUPERVISORS) forward.)

The email :
‘Dear Brother Samuel and Sister Sarah,
It will be my great pleasure to visit Musoma and Mwanza again next year – perhaps, this time via Nairobi and Jinja, Busia in Kenya, Kisumu…..
I still remember you rescuing me from that hotel on the shores of Lake Victoria.
Love too to Marco and sister (pls remind me of her hair-pulling name) – she must be beautiful now – married?

But it may be in 2019 as i need to visit Asia first.

India vote this week to allow Same Sex Marriages. We have a very close relative who is gay. India has a larger population than Africa. Even China, Russia, US, Canada, Australia… thinking hard about this issue. Franco – now i/c of Camp Rhino (with his brother Yoseph – helped by Patrick) is prepared – if peace holds in South Sudan to visit Ethiopia to persuade them.
You or Sauli or Frank (we met them in Morogoro) could do so much in your own large nation but also reach out to Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. Then going South, i still have friends in Lesotho, S Africa, Angola, Zimbabwe, Madagascar…..

I wait, perhaps till Christmas for a small, optional operation to get rid of my catheter – then i’m free to travel – avoiding as many mosquitoes as possible. The anti-malaria drugs cause me slight problems.

blessings and thanks again = i enjoyed my boating in Lake Victoria, off Musoma, last time – perhaps again?’

STOP PRESS – easyShona from Zimbabwe has restarted today! – helped by Bp isaac and Rev Samuel. And Patrick Chandiga is helping new friend Emmanuel from Rwanda with easyKinyarwanda.


Pls pray for Asia to catch up. particularly Malaysia and Indonesia.
We rejoice in Luke’s Gospel in easyUrdu – checked, printed and on it’s way from Parkistan

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