To reach every person in every tongue with the Good News of Jesus Christ at his/her own reading level. – Matthew 28: 19
    To build up teams of writers and checkers for every language.
    To affirm the diversity and rights of all people.
    To build up the confidence and status of all nations to produce and own their own Bibles.
    To attract more help from existing translation agencies and Bible societies. We value their scholarship and use their Bibles.
    With others, to hasten the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

These Bible texts are translated and checked by local people of their own language group and at different reading levels to meet the needs of that language group. We want everyone, whatever their reading level, to be able to access some of Jesus’s Good News for themselves, in their own mother-tongue. We encourage and work with oral ministries to facilitate this.

‘Whatever you did for one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you did for me’.
Matthew 25:40

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