Qui est Marc ?

Marc est auteur du deuxième Evangile. Il était compagnon de Paul, Barnabé, puis de Pierre.

CHAPITRE 1 1 Commencement de l’Evangile de Jésus Christ, Fils de Dieu

(Evangile = Bonne Nouvelle. Jésus est donc venu au monde nous apporter cette Bonne Nouvelle du […]


Le Ministère « Traduction de la Bible Facile » a été créé en République Démocratique du Congo sous l’inspiration du Seigneur Dieu miséricordieux au bénéfice de son peuple pour comprendre son message, le pratiquer et vivre pour toujours dans son Royaume.

C’est en Angleterre que cette œuvre a pu commencer, et le Révérend […]

No.50 becomes No.1 for New Site on Fasting Wed; Donations button removed;

We have recently abolished titles such as ‘African leader’ and ‘Asian leader’ as it is difficult for one person to travel all over a continent – and as this ministry is growing very quickly – also causes more problems than it solves.

So we have confined oue donations to the ten poorest nations + Camp […]

No.49 – Heb 4-6; Pakistan; Nigeria; Scams; UKparliamentweek.org ; Science, Steve Hawking

CQ Baptist Church 16.3 A4

Hi friends – this will be a mad update – thing are changing so fast that i’m confused and grumpy. People from West Africa and Pakistan are busy scamming; i’m currently dealing with about 20 pubs/cafes/churches/a nunnery wishing to help with John Bercow’s letter (to thousands not just me) about ‘EqualiTeas see www.equaliteas.org.uk’ from Mon […]

No. 48 – Pakistan job done in an afternoon; Website; CR factory;


Yesterday as i returned home with the good news that i’ve no cancer in my kidneys, prostate or bladder – it was great to meet 3 people in Pakistan through Facebook who have taken full responsibility for easyBibles for their own nation. They will keep their identities secret to avoid terrorism and start with level […]

No.47 – Fasting Wed 7th March; Developing site; Selling books; testimonies; eBs factories


The featured image is hand-drawn from Camp Rhino in Northern Uganda – where Ndoromo Yoseph leads our work. I realise that i’ve used it before – BUT THIS IS TO STRESS THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS CAMP. There are other Camp Rhinos in Africa – BUT THIS ONE – NEAR TO ARUA WILL ALWAYS HAVE A […]