Praise God! – our new CIO is ready. Our Registration Number is 1167836 and our name ‘Easy-to-read Bibles’

Barclay’s Bank have agreed to work with us. To avoid internet fraud, i shall not publish the Sort Code or Account Number on this site but Donors, whom i trust, may obtain them from me at

Our Trustees have helped me produce our UK Gift Aid form – for UK donors to complete and return to get Tax added to their gifts. I will email it to Donors.

The Trustees will also check :
1) that recipients will provide full receipts
2) the quality of the translations reaches the highest standards possible.

As i am often telling teams we only have funds for printing gospels at easy level A or ‘veryeasy’ level, for supplying Kindle Fire Tablets to hard-working teams and for bus fares and basic food at Conferences. Sadly we cannot help with educational, medical or even bereavement expenses.

We are NOT colonialists and seek to build up nations to become independent, owning their own copyrights. We expect national churches to eventually lift the financial burden from our shoulders. Their poor and marginalised people are their responsibility under God. It is His work until Jesus returns.

Thanks for your patience