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Soon i’ll find time to mention CHIPS or Churches/Chapels In Pubs.
But here is a wonderful short video :

One entry from Northern Ireland that you can find on the website mentioned in John Bercow’s letter that easyBibles and many other organisations received last week. John Bercow is the Speaker in the House of Commons in the UK Parliament :

Trans Day of Remembrance

For the past five years Focus: The Identity Trust in partnership with the congregation and Minister of All Souls Church (Rev Chris Hudson MBE) have held a Service of Remembrance to celebrate the lives of Transgender individuals murdered worldwide in the past year and the unknown number of Transgender people who have completed suicide rather than endure the prejudice and discrimination visited upon them by society solely because they are Transgender.
This year Focus: The Identity Trust is seeking the active involvement of parliamentarians and other elected representatives to show their solidarity with Transgender individuals and their families by attending our Service and /or completing a message of support which will hang from our Tree of Remembrance as part of the Service.