No.17 – Africa 2017 part 3; Church in Busia, Kenya;

On Sunday 30th April we went to Bp Isaac’s church in Busia.
There were about a hundred people present – some of the women were looking after children in the yard outside until they came in for the Eucharist. It was a special day and many leaders attended. Most adults and children wore HABITS of different colours and had travelled large distances. The presence of the Holy Spirit was demonstrated by loud outbursts – led by Cardinal Protus.
Archbishops, bishops and priests led the worship in Swhili, English, Latin and Lukhayo – a colourful and devout 2 hours.


At the end of the Service i was gived 30 mins to explain easyBibles but gave half to Bp Isaac – a good preacher, their pastor and the person to explain further the following Sunday.

It is worth stating that although i do not accept all aspects of this church’s teaching – i understand their need for a black messiah after centuries of cruel, white colonialism AND they have open Communion and allow their members to do Bible translation to help the poor.

I will keep in touch with Card Protus and Paul who has a higher diploma from Nairobi, was a Management Consultant and is enthusiastic re easyBibles.

We met these people again on Monday morning (May 1st) en route to Busia, Uganda.

No.16 – Africa 2017 part 2 – Kisumu on Fri 28th April; Legion Maria Catholics from Kisii; Busia, Kenya

We arrived at our hotel on Fri afternoon (April 28th) and soon met Caren and her 12 year-old son Don. Karen is doing easyDholuo – a very important language in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.
Sat morning, Cardinal David – who is doing easyEkegusii – arrived with his son Bernard and daughter Eunice. Bernard, aged 30, pastors his own church and was keen to start an easylanguage – forgive my memory – i’ll find out which language soon!

The LEGION MARIA is a break-away Catholic denomination – started in Kenya in 1956 – believing that Christ and the virgin Mary returned to Africa as black people about 200 years ago. Their Pope was reconciled to the Pope in Rome c 1960 and particularly by Pope Jean Paul later. They love and respect Pope Francis – as do many of us!

There are 4.3 million Legion Maria Catholics, mainly in Kenya and Sudan but also spread throughout the world.

In Kenya, under their Pope in Kisumu, are 58 Cardinals, then Archbishops, Bishops…

So far i’ve met Cardinal David (wonderful kindly man – aged 57), Bishop Isaac Makokha (aged 40, my friend) and his Cardinal Protus in Busia, Kenya.

Before leaving our hotel in Kisumu we had a very useful meeting and good fellowship.

Then matatus and rickshaws and motorbikes to Busia, Kenya on Sat 29th April.

No.15 – Africa 2017 part 1 – Kampala (Rwanda & Burundi); George; bus to Kijabe Hospital in Kenya

I arrived at Entebbe Airport early on Tues 25th April and waited till Bp Isaac Makokha met me. While waiting, i turned down the usual collection of taxi drivers, but gradually became more relaxed with Driver George. We had a cup of tea together and by the time Isaac arrived – the 3 of us were friends. George took us to the ‘Holiday Express Hotel’, Kampala where we had lunch with Revd Celestin and his wife Liberatha from Rwanda. They had studied at Scott University, Kenya and served as missionaries for AIC – Revd Celestin as Bishop. They will continue with easyKinyarwanda and to encourage Kinyamurenge in Rwanda and Kirundi in Burundi.

Next morning, Wed 26th April, Isaac and i took a bus to the Kenyan border and on to the AIC Hospital at Kijabe.
There we soon met Isaac’s friend Justus Marete, Africa Director of Bethany Kids. He also spoke well of Tony and Judith Sykes of EMI. I once taught Tony Physics at Boston Grammar School, Lincolnshire, UK. For EMI he now designs buildings for missions like at Kijabe. They are currently in Burundi – soon to go to India.
Justus also knows the Rxxxx family who are living in a very dangerous town in East Kenya – seeking to help Somali people.
Justus, himself takes a team to visit former patients from the hospital – particularly children – to all parts of Kenya and to most surrounding nations. He has offered to find us teams for easyBibles and to be a local check on any money we send to Kenya. Justus and his wife Christine kindly gave us tea.

We had already met the Chaplaincy team and after a night in a guest house we met them again on Thur 27th April. Led by Revd Geoffrey Ndivo these chaplains were encouraging and delightful – photos soon. They offered to start easyMeru and Gikuyu. Chaplain Sylvia is keen to use our veryeasyEnglish Bible Stories with her young patients and the club she runs for them.

After a second night at their guest house we left by bus, matatu and motorbike for Kisumu by Lake Victoria – the third city of Kenya.

More soon.

No.14 – Home from wonderful time in Africa; blessed wedding in Hawarden, North Wales; next trip outside Europe is to Asia early in 2018

dear friends – thanks for prayers – more news very soon- came home very tired then went by train to Hawarden to bless a wedding – as promised – on Friday.

Will update this tomorrow Sunday early before church in Llanfairfechan.

Best news is that Narcisse in Camp Rhino in N Uganda is very mature man from CAR and has already sent me 2 chapters of level A easySango from Luke and can offer French and Lingala. He also supports gay people as Francophone nations tend to do.

easySomali is now very hopeful after wonderful new friends made in Chaplains at SIM Hospital at Kigale, Kenya – home to our extremely brave European friends – who value you prayers and support – please contact me at



African and Asian friends – many doing masters degrees.

No.13 – Unfolding Itinerary for Africa ’17

This is my basic itinerary :

Mon April 24th i fly to Entebbe, Uganda – arriving early on Tues 25th – to be met by Bishop Isaac Makokha and friends. Bishop Isaac and i are then together for the whole trip.
We take an overnight bus from Kampala to Kijabe, Kenya where we meet friends from SIM, EMI and Justus Marete of Bethany Ministries for Kids on Wed 26th.

Thurs 27th – bus to Nairobi
Fri 28th to SIM offices to discuss easySomali. Bus to Kisumu to meet Cardinal David Nyanganyeria – a colleague of Bp Isaac.


Sun April 30th – Worship and bus to Busia, Kenya to meet Bp Isaac’s family

Mon 1st May – to Busia, Uganda to meet again Bp Wilson Waswa’s family and team. I met them there in Sept 2015. Bp Wilson is i/c of AIC for Uganda. Bus to Kampala


Thurs 4th May – HOME


Luganda, Kirundi, Kinyarwanda, Kinyamurenge, Meru, Gikuyu, Somali, Tumbuka, Chichewa, Ekegusii, Dholuo, Swahili, Marachi, Lukhayo,

Lugwe, Lusania, Zande, Sango

Thanks for your prayers.

No.12 – Happy Easter! ; next 5 poorest nations: Asia

I heard yesterday from both families referred to in our DONATIONS :
1. Tony with EMI introduced me to 2 new Burundi contacts – one at Oxford Centre for Hissionary Studies in England. We shall meet when i get back from Africa in May/June
2. My SIM friends who wrote about their new ministry -‘
Last xx was the day for us to move. The small lorry and our own car were filled to the brim with all our belongings. 3 guys in the truck and the two of us in our own car were on the road to the town beyond the river, into the Somali area of Kenya. The safari was uneventful and we reached safely. We hadn’t seen our house until we got there so we were curious what we would find. It was very, very dusty but plenty of room to fill. By now most everything has its place, there is a desk and on it the computer and work can now begin.
Despite the fact that we actually never lived in xxxx, it already feels quite familiar, maybe it is because I made my first visit in 1996, during that time it was quite common to have stones thrown at white people. It is not so anymore and we thank God for that. People are not unfriendly and yet one gets the feeling of being observed carefully. Why these people are here, this question will be answered more and more as we interact with key leaders in the town. The fact that there is one other white family in town helps us somewhat, so we are not the only white foreigners.
XXX isn’t exactly a big town, (roughly xxxx people) but it is busy. Our house is close to the river, a small road leads to the river and almost day and night watertrucks are being filled close by in order to get this essential commodity to the suffering people in the outlying areas. The drought has really hit hard, it is expensive to keep man and beast alive during this trying time. We thank God that rains have started to come and there is growing hope for grass and milk and an end to this prolonged and severe drought that has befallen many parts of East Africa.
There are many Mosques and we are surrounded by the call for prayer when it comes to the five daily prayer times in Islam. The population is being reminded that God is greater and people need to submit their lives to Allah. Good Friday and the joy of Easter with the fact that the King Jesus was raised from the dead is only known to very few people. And that is why we are here in this part of the world, to proclaim and live the Kingdom of Jesus.
We wish you happy Easter,’

Yesterday i listed the first 5 – so now:

6. Niger – i spent 2 weeks there in 2001 looking after Wycliffe children during a Conference. They will soon have easyFrench from DRC but more work needs to be done.
7. Malawi – easyTumbuka from Lilongwe has 2 gospels at level A and much veryeasyTumbuka done by my friend Kamosa – who may soon meet us in Nairobi or Bp Isaac can visit her later; Others are Starting Chichewa
8. Mozambique – my friend Steven – who helped me with my luggage in Zambia in 2012 is very talented and doing several languages.
9. Guinea – no contacts yet for this West African nation of 12 million people. Their official language is French.
10. Eritrea – veryeasyTigrinya is on my site. One new friend from a refugee camp in South Sudan has started Luke at level A and sent me Chapter 2 in Feb.

The poorest nations are Afghanistan, Nepal and Tajikistan – more later

HAVE WONDERFUL TIME – Luke chapter 1 at level A in easySango from Narcisse of the Central African Republic arrived one hour age – Halleluyah!!