No.31 – Manipur & Nagaland, India; Ethiopia; Bangor Anglican Diocese and easyAteso for Uganda; PRIDES

Pastor Vaiphei is shown in the featured image speaking to a Conference about easyVaiphei.
He has wonderfully started about 4 new easylanguages in Manipur plus one from adjacant Nagaland – and is reaching out to find volunteers for Hindi. New Indian contacts on Facebook are also offering Telugu, Tamil and even languages from Malaysia.

Pastor Henok from Ethiopia is doing as well with about 4 new languages including Tigrinya.
The Anglican Diocese of Bangor in North Wales is soon to contact friends in Uganda needing easyAteso gospel booklets from Bp Isaac’s friend Nashon Makaya.

As is moving towards affirming ‘gay’ people (although not all our teams agree with me) – i rejoiced on Saturday 19th and yesterday in attending Chester and Manchester Prides. I made new friends important to our work.

More news soon on fasting Wed September 6th.

No.30 – Sorry missed Fasting Wed; Facebook; CIO prayers

Sorry friends to miss Fasting Wednesday as i was so busy learning how to use Facebook. This has proved very profitable as today i was able to recruit 6 new volunteers from different parts of Uganda. And now that i’m 76 and take ten tablets every day to keep me alive – i eat less but regularly. So fasting is different. But i promise to do a Fasting Wed message for September 6th.

Please pray for Monday August 14th when we present our documents to the helpful staff at Barclay’s Bank, Bangor, North Wales. We now hope for this bank to start processing our funds – sometime in September.

More news soon.

No.29 – CIO latest; Kia & Narcisse; Camp Rhino; CLUSTERS; f/b ‘Open House’; Somali

Please keep praying for our new CIO! We’re currently hindered by trustees on summer holidays needing to fill in forms – but we’re nearly there.
We rejoice that Kia Moses has agreed to be i/c of easyBibles for Kampala assisted by his friend Kabaale Benard – both are students at St Lawrence’s University.
Kia was for 4 months staying at Camp Rhino near Arua in North Uganda where he met Narcisse Bakouroua. They became good friends and Narcisse has kindly agreed to lead easyBibles in this large refugee camp. Camp Rhino will soon become a leading place for easyBibles. Already French, Lingala, Sango, Dinka and Bari have started there. It is in many ways a sad place – perhaps we can do a little to cheer it up. Please see –

Bp Isaac Makhoka aims to visit both Kampala and Camp Rhino later this year.

1. Manipur, India – Revd Khupkam Vaiphei – as well as doing his own language has inspired teams to start Thado kuki and Simte languages. The featured photo shows his son Lianneilun delivering a Kindle Fire tablet to a new friend doing a new easylanguage.
2. Ethiopia – Pastor Henok Estifanos has not only worked very well doing easyAmharic and tidying (helped by Tewodros) Luke in Oromo – but encouraged Yohanni to flourish with easyKembatta and Tsega’ab with easyTigrinia.
3. Kenya – Bp Isaac has finished an exciting New Testament in easySwahili for Kenya – is working quickly through Lukhayo and Marachi is also encouraging Ekegusii, Dholuo, Somali, Ateso, Bukusu, Lunyala, Ekegusii, Lunyole, Wanga…..

Facebook ‘Open House’ – please see and join if you wish this gay-affirming public group – but please read the pinned post first – link is —

Thanks for praying for our brave European missionary friends in N W Kenya as national elections draw nearer. Click on DONATIONS about(SIM UK) TO HELP THEM AND PLEASE PRAY. Recent message from them : ‘ We feel the Lord is protecting us with His army’. They are working to find volunteers to help Bp Isaac with easySomali. Bp Isaac met them recently in Kijabe, Kenya.

So we rejoice that easyBibles is at last reaching the poorest nations – Central African Republic (Sango) and Somalia. Praise God – He is faithful.

No.28 – New Church Holiday Club/Parties; new CIO almost ready; my new f/b group ‘Open House’

We are doing 2 Tuesday afternoon holiday club/parties in the first 2 weeks of the summer holidays as part of an effort to launch our new Gay-Affirming Church in Connah’s Quay, North Wales. These will be led by ‘Cookie’ who recently entertained children and families for the afternoon at the Mold Carnival. He and his wife Donna are well known locally – with their many talents. I was privileged on May 5th – the day i returned from Africa – to bless their marriage in the Gladstone Park, Hawarden.

Barclay’s Bank, Bangor have nearly finished processing our application for our new CIO. Please pray for final form-filling and credit checks. We have some hard-working volunteers in Africa and India deserving funds for printing and bus fares and Kindle Fire tablets – as the work is rapidly expanding. But this CIO will NOT be sending funds to nations banned by the UK Government – please see :

My new gay-affirming f/b group ‘Open House’ already has over 40 international members – it’s at – please email me to join – but please note that i shall block anyone using this group to seek funds or visas. Please read the pinned post carefully.

i’ve had a busy but enjoyable 2 months since i returned from Africa as you can see – but the biggest encouragement has comf from new heroes in Africa and Asia. S America soon too – i hope. More in next update.

No.27 – Fasting Wed 5th July; easyKembatta and easyAteso; Facebook public group ‘Open House’; Cookie and my new church in N Wales; CIO latest

The featured photo from Ethiopia shows a baptismal group from Pastor Yohannis Guagulo’s church. He has just sent me the first 2 chapters of Luke in easyKembatta. So, a CLUSTER is growing around Pastor Henok.

Similarly, all of Luke in easyAteso has arrived from Nashon and Sara Amase – part of Bp Isaac’s CLUSTER.


I’ve opened a Public group on Facebook called ‘OPEN HOUSE’ – it has a rainbow symbol – BUT PLEASE BE CAREFUL. EVERYONE CAN SEE YOUR WORDS –

CIO – please pray that Barclay’s Bank, Bangor, North Wales will agree to become our bank soon for our new CIO.

We had a good meeting last week and hope to start soon. Certain nations are banned by the UK government from receiving funds from this CIO – because of fears of money-laundering. We shall obey this ruling.

‘COOKIE’ – this amazing child-entertainer and Disc Jockey is well known in N E Wales and has kindly agreed to help me with 2 holiday clubs for my new church in Connah’s Quay on Tues July 24th and Tues August 1st. He will also help me with ‘OPEN HOUSE’ – his own f/b group has 6000 followers!

No.26 – Central African Republic (CAR) easySango; easySomali; money; Ethiopia again, CLUSTERS

Please see and scroll down to see that CAR and Somalia are the poorest nations in the world.

Yesterday i rejoiced to receive Luke’s Gospel at level A from Narcisse in Camp Rhino, North Uganda in easySango of CAR. The dolls in the featured photo – made by a lady in N Wales who is over 90 – will be posted soon to Camp Rhino together with baby clothes – next week. Please email for the postal address! I will not publicise your email address – to avoid you being pestered by the wrong people. I read recently that half the food aid sent to Nigeria never reaches the poor.

Please pray for Bishop Isaac and Cardinal David as they travel to Kijabe, Kenya for their meeting at 9am on Tuesday 27th June with my European miisionary friends (of 20 years) who bravely work to help Somali peoples. easySomali at level A would be great!

In recent months i’ve been invited to buy 3 cars for different people, a house, a tractor and also a chicken factory for team members as well as educate their children, pay their hospital bills, medical expenses, bereavement expenses and air fares,

THIS IS NOT – AND NEVER WILL BE PART OF THE MINISTRY OF EASYBIBLES. For such help please contact missions like Christian Aid. They do a good job!
Louis Ratman, who died last year in his native Malaysia where he was i/c Wycliffe Bible Translators (after several years i/c WBT Uganda) advised me about 8 years ago that translation teams should look to God for their support and trust Him.

We serve our Lord – who often had ‘nowhere to lay his head’.

On Tues 27th we may find a bank to start our CIO -BUT PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT TO BECOME RICH IF YOU JOIN AN EASYBIBLES TEAM. The money donated will be used just to help with initial printing – until the churches take over and to help with Conferences.

We are unique and don’t intend to copy other established missions. We intend to build nations up to retain their own copyrights – not patronise or colonise them. That all belongs or should belong to the past!

But i also get Kindle Fire tablets to people like our friend Pastor Henok in Ethiopia. This just arrived:
‘Greetings Martin
I am really glad to send you the first chapter of John Level A,and I am hoping I will finish the the entire chapters soon.
Pastor yohannis called me today that he is actively working on Kemibatta translation of Luke level A.
I am trying to find more volunteer native translators of Hadiya, Gurage, and other Ethiopian languages.
God bless you, Henok’


We now rejoice that Clusters of easylanguages are now spreading out from Addis Ababa, Busia in Kenya and Manipur, India. PRAISE HIS WONDERFUL NAME !!