No.11 – Easter Saturday Update; Real ‘Christians’; Poorest 5 Nations

Following yesterday’s update it seemed correct to my small grey cells (we watched Poirot again last night) to celebrate Easter Saturday by going out for a meal, We celebrate Easter Sunday at a daughter’s church in Birkenhead, England.

To emphasise that i believe there is a Second Chance after death for us all – to accept Christ’s love.

Acts 11 v 26 Luke tells us that ‘The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch’
Antioch is still in SYRIA.
The first country mentioned in Luke’s Nativity account in Luke chapter 2 v 1 is SYRIA.

HOW DO WE UNDERSTAND THE NEW DONALD TRUMP?? I mention a common question for us all to pray about. Many people and time will supply answers.
But Jesus never used the word ‘Christian’. Today we need to tell the difference between ‘Christians’ and ‘Real Christians’ – who seldom if ever still attend church but follow Jesus more faithfully than some church-goers who are judgemental bigots and hypocrites. Please notice the word ‘some’.

My experience is that Atheists are often near to believing – they certainly need faith. Good Jews, Moslems and Hindus can be pleasant, peaceful friends and respect us and our faith. We shall get many surprises in Heaven.

As mentioned yeasterday, i hope to move these on during my visit to Africa from April 24th to May 3rd

1. Poorest (hard to tell with so many wars) is Somalia. My European friends who work with SIM – have just emailed me to introduce me to their leader in Nairobi – please see previous update and DONATIONS.
2. Central African Republic – I shall meet Narcisse – a refugee in Uganda in Kampala very soon. My South Sudanese friend Alison tells me that he has helped him to start Luke chapter 1 in easySango already. Narcisse aims to finish ch. 2 before we meet.
3. Democratic Republic of the Congo – they have advanced strongly at level A in 4 languages including ‘French for Africa’, Swahili for the Congo, and Lingala.
4. Burundi – my friend and former pupil Tony is there now with EMI – please see DONATIONS. Also 3 other teams are involved. We already have easyKirundi level A and veryeasyKirundi on our site but they need revising. Tony has just emailed me to inform me of 2 more contacts – one studying in Oxford Centre for Missionary Studies for the next 10 weeks.
5. Liberia – sorry we’ve yet to find contacts for this nation of over 4 million people. English is their national language but there must also be local languages that ‘speak to the heart’.


The featured photo is of Revd Khupkam Vaiphei preaching in Manipur, India. I shall mention ASIA again next week.


No.10 – Easter Saturday and Sunday; C S Lewis, Rowan Williams and John Humphrys; 5 Poorest Nations

Today i rejoice that many other missions have started easy-to read Scriptures whether in written form or oral ministries. I only suggest that it is far better for the copyrights to stay with the relevant nations and not with US or UK etc.

We all, of course, rejoice in the Messages of Good Friday and Easter Sunday but could we please consider EASTER SATURDAY – based on 1 Peter chapter 3 v 19, 20; 4 v 6. Where did Jesus go and why? How does it affect people today living in an unfair world? The God i worship is fair, just and loving. C S Lewis believed in purgatory. About 4 years ago John Humphrys on Radio 4 in London in discussion with Rowan Williams asked Rowan if he believed that there would be a second chance (for people to accept Christ after death). Rowan quietly replied ‘Yes’.
I agree. This life isn’t fair – especially if someone is born in Syria. I fully believe that eternal life will be fair.

For the next few months, i wish to give priority to the world’s 5 poorest nations as seen below :

International Monetary Fund – in US dollars per year

157 Nepal – ASIA 2,463

161 Zimbabwe 1,984
162 Uganda 2,002
163 South Sudan 1,995
164 Solomon Islands 1,955
165 Afghanistan – ASIA 1,937
166 Rwanda 1,810
167 Ethiopia 1,804
168 Kiribati – Pacific Ocean
169 Haiti – Caribbean 1,757
170 Burkina Faso 1,727
171 Gambia, The 1,650
172 Sierra Leone 1,593
173 Comoros 1,522
174 Guinea-Bissau 1,511
175 Togo 1,489
176 Madagascar 1,466
177 Eritrea 1,300
178 Guinea 1,238
179 Mozambique 1,192
180 Malawi 1,126
181 Niger 1,077
182 Liberia 875
183 Burundi 831
184 Congo, Dem. Rep. 767
185 Central African Republic 628

We need to add Somalia – this table is 6 months old.

More on these 5 tomorrow and another 5 in the Easter Sunday update.

The featured photo is from our Zambian Conference in Feb 2012 when we took it in turns to be under the blanket while the pastor’s daughter sang, ‘God loves all the little children, All the children of the world.
Red and yellow, black and white, All are precious in His sight,
God loves all the children of the world.’


No.9 – STOP PRESS – easySomali – SIM brave teams – DONATIONS

We’ve just had an email from our European friends of 20 years who are in a place in Kenya – too dangerous to mention. Their children are back in Europe. As a young family they bravely worked in N W Kenya – relying on Moslem friends to protect them!

Our new CIO will be several weeks yet to be ready so for UK donors wishing to add reclaimed income tax :

PLEASE CONTACT ME AT and we can discuss how you may send DONATIONS directly to them at SIM.

Alternatively you can donate to our British friends (i used to teach Tony now an engineer c 40 years ago before he met Judy) now in Burundi through their mission – EMI in Colchester. England. Please contact me for their latest newsletter.

My itinerary still to follow next week

The featured image is of a learning disabled Shepherd carrying a sheep. We have many sheep in Wales and i’m sure that world-wide there are many learning disabled people helping on farms.

No.8 – Stronger team for easyNepali; London Conference in Oct

Through my relative Paul Marsh (my mother’s name before marriage was Lillian Marsh) who travels frequently to India and Africa – preaching and now also telling people about easyBibles – i was introduced to a fellowship near to Birkenhead, England.

I hope to visit them again soon and thank them for introducing me recently to someone who worked for many years in Nepal and who is an expert on the Nepali language. This retired missionary has already exchanged emails with Harka Khadka – the leader of the easyNepali team. They found that they have friends in common. Harka will spend a few days (perhaps a week) in UK en route to US. He’ll be in London from about Oct 23rd and will meet the retired missionary and myself.
Pastor Harka attended our last London Conference about 5 years ago and when i get back from Kampala in May i’ll start to put together another one.

The featured photo is of one of the many easyNepali booklets on and

I first met Pastor Harka in Los Angeles at ITN doing his Masters degree about 10 years ago the twice in London.
It would be great if he could attend the Asian Conference in Kolkata early in 2018. Nepali is also one of the official languages of India.

No.7 – Fasting Wed April 5th; Asian Conference, Vaiphei; World’s poorest nations

Because of the rapid developments in Africa – my main focus for easyBibles; I have had to delay my Asia Conference until next year – probably starting in Kolkata, India with our new leader of the EasyBibles Society for India – Revd Khupkam Vaiphei who already is a translator with the VAIPHEI BIBLE TRANSLATION COMMITTEE in Manipur and will finish the NT at level A before we meet again. We first met at the 2010 Conference in Tokyo. His eldest son Lianneilun and his whole family wonderfully support him. One of his recent rallies is our featured photo. A man of deep spirituality who fasts often. He is well ahead of others doing easyBibles not only in India but also in Asia. His existing Bible Society has verified his level A materials.

More about this conference and other places (perhaps Nias a tsunami island of Indonesia or Kuala Lumpur or Shanghai) that i’ll visit (God willing -I’ll be 77 then) next year.

Soon another update as my plans for April 24th to May 4th in Uganda and Kenya emerge. It seems Bishop Isaac and i shall be able to reach several translators from the world’s poorest nations to start or continue with easyBibles. Countries include those at the foot of the tables referred to in such as the Central African Republic, Somalia, Burundi and Malawi. Pastor Elie Kakudji in DCR already, of course helps many nations with ‘easyFrench for Africa’.

Praise God!

No.6 – SIM friends; Africa trip; Marginalised people

Tomorrow we have the next Fasting Wed Update – but new positive issues are piling up.

Jenny and i have known our European friends in SIM for nearly 20 years since they came for tea in North Wales. We’ve also visited their home in Europe. They have bravely helped the Somali people for many years and I stayed with them at the SIM Guesthouse in Nairobi in 2002 and 2003.
Yesterday they wrote :
‘Dear Martin,
Great to hear you are coming. How are you doing? Are you coming to Nairobi too? Kampala and Kisumu are both north west from us about x hours. I wish we could come (to the Kisumu Conference) but we are moving right now in order to start a new ministry. Just recently I was reading the Bible with kids and I thought about you. I wished I had easyEnglish Bibles to read with them.
Please accept our apology for the conference. Let us know the dates if you are coming to Nairobi. Maybe we could come there. Our new location is again x hours from Nairobi.
Be blessed in all the preparations
Give our love to Jenny,’


Please see my LGBTQIA+ notes today re a letter (probably sent to many in UK) from John Bercow, Speaker of House of Commons, UK about easyBibles taking part in in November.
People suffering from Mental Illnesses (and about a third of us will before we die)are helped by my friend Andy who leads a team to print my posters for North Wales. The featured image on the right is from them – sorry it’s so small to see. Another wonderful ministry to encourage MARGINALISED PEOPLE. They live near to the heart of Jesus!