No. 3 – New website changing daily; VeryeasyEnglish from Scotland; Dreams unfolding

Dear friends. So much is happening – so quickly that i struggle to keep up.

    Changes :

1. easyBibles has reached way ahead of expectations. I still have several strong leaders in Africa and Asia. I told Jenny (we soon rejoice in our 51st Wedding Anniversary) that my leadership is almost finished. For a month i’ve NO LONGER PAID FOR CONFERENCES, LAPTOPS, TABLETS, PRINTERS, SOLARS, MEDICAL, EDUCATIONAL OR EVEN BEREAVEMENT EXPENSES. – EXCEPT FOR THE WORLD’S POOREST TEN NATIONS. PEOPLE HAVE TO PAY FOR PRINTING BY SELLING THE BOOKLETS. SO FIELD -TESTING IS AUTOMATIC. TO GET MONEY FOR INK AND PAPER FOR MORE PRINTING. HALLELUYAH


3. As i’m encouraging ALL NATIONS TO BECOME INDEPENDENT WE CAN REJOICE. i’m NOT A COLONIALIST AND MAY DIE SOON – LOOKING FORWARD TO IT. After many visits to Bangor Hospital – 3 times this year as an in-patient and also as a pastor – i think of such places like an AIRPORT – with – ARRIVALS and DEPARTURES – GOING TO A BETTER PLACE – AS WE ARE TOLD in Hebrews – that wonderful book!

4. More emphasis soon – for no money – on ‘Veryeasy’ languages. Below in a recent email from Joyce in Scotland – who wrote the 4 volumes in English :

‘Would you be kind enough to send me a set of my Easy stories? I have given away any that I had but I won’t this time. I want to have them to let my grandchildren see and read them. I will pay you for the postage.

Another elderly friend – still driving – in her nineties – names Elsie – is still making the dolls in the photo.

No.50 becomes No.1 for New Site on Fasting Wed; Donations button removed;

We have recently abolished titles such as ‘African leader’ and ‘Asian leader’ as it is difficult for one person to travel all over a continent – and as this ministry is growing very quickly – also causes more problems than it solves.

So we have confined oue donations to the ten poorest nations + Camp Rhino where again leadership issues will be sorted out before June 18th when my 20+ venues for (promoting democracy, women getting the vote and gay rights) will be starting across North Wales.

No. 48 – Pakistan job done in an afternoon; Website; CR factory;

Yesterday as i returned home with the good news that i’ve no cancer in my kidneys, prostate or bladder – it was great to meet 3 people in Pakistan through Facebook who have taken full responsibility for easyBibles for their own nation. They will keep their identities secret to avoid terrorism and start with level A Luke in easyUrdu and easyPunjabi plus some veryeasy Gospel Stories. In case they’re only scammers there is also team B waiting in the wings.

I hope soon to pull Nepal off the fence to acknowledge and affirm ‘gay’ people.

Today i’ve started talking to a Catholic man in Zimbabwe and at the same time to A Nigerian who is starting Luke in easyIbo.

Soon we get professional help for our website – WATCH THIS SPACE


STOP PRESS – A Security Officer in Juba has today joined the team there – to help me hunt out any false team members in South Sudan and Camp Rhino.
And another new friend from South Sudan – now in Khartoum is not only starting easyArabic but well informed about political leadership in South Sudan


Message from my friend John Williams – i’ve known him for 20 years since i had the privilege to lead EasyEnglish to finish it’s first Bible :
‘We have released an app that contains the whole EasyEnglish New Testament. If you have an Android phone or tablet, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.’ OUR FEATURED PHOTO.


No.47 – Fasting Wed 7th March; Developing site; Selling books; testimonies; eBs factories

The featured image is hand-drawn from Camp Rhino in Northern Uganda – where Ndoromo Yoseph leads our work. I realise that i’ve used it before – BUT THIS IS TO STRESS THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS CAMP. There are other Camp Rhinos in Africa – BUT THIS ONE – NEAR TO ARUA WILL ALWAYS HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART!!
There – we currently have 5 printers and hope to buy the second solar soon. Camp Rhino is rapidly becoming the example to the world for sacrificial work and the centre of easyBibles ministry, OUR FIRST easyBibles FACTORY !!

Work is developing quickly in Ethiopia, Kenya, CAR, Burundi, Kampala region of Uganda, Manipur and Nagaland, India…. .. . more news very soon.

From Godfrey in Eldoret, Kenya :
‘morning too rev am going well – I finish to print all Wanga gospels and Acts and I printed and sold 10 books thanks a lot.

They are happy because little number of people have no Bible and they is challenged cz they live in a town with a different language where if we show interest it seems as

    honey to them

It’s wonderful that printing is starting in many nations for easyBibles and this will increasingly become INDEPENDENT of the UK as each team supported by their churches assumes responsibilty for funding these translations. It’s the only way forward.



This morning i meet a new man who may help me with my website. Jenny and i have started to link in blogs to carry the extra – fast arriving gospels etc.




We have added a new SAFEGUARDING policy PAGE after recent problems in the Charities sector world-wide – at our Trustees meeting last Friday. We discussed this matter, also rejoiced that we expect very soon to have our income tax returned for UK Donors to Barclay’s Bank and welcomed my friend Gwyn to our small group of Trustees.

We have also been invited to participate in UK Parliament Week in June/July by the Speaker of the House of Commons and the Speaker of the House of Lords. We shall soon seek to organise events from across North Wales from Anglesey to Chester.

PLEASE READ THIS NEW PAGE AND EMAIL COMMENTS TO ME AT and also the temporary one called ‘INDEPENDENT EASYBIBLES’. I have also revised ‘FACEBOOK PUBLIC GROUPS’ and need soon to update ‘POOREST 20 NATIONS’.

Hello Rev Martin – On behalf of my Kenya easyBibles Team, I take this
opportunity to prove to you that your money for the teams to buy
printers was received and budgeted for. I tried to use Camp Rhino FB
group but didn’t manage. Sorry for delay then.
This was the result at the meeting held on Tuesday 23rd Feb at Busia.
1. Bp Isaac Makokha
2. Madam Marion Namukabi
3. Godfrey Oluoch
4. Ibrahim Rubia
5. Nashon Makaya
6. Sarah Emase
7. Pst Joseph Khaemba
8. Veronicah Nabwire
9. Caren Atieno Makokha
10. Meshark Makaya
Agenda 1 – 23 Feb 2018 – Buying of 3 Epson for the use of 4 teams.
– The meeting was started at 11:30 am after a short prayer by Godfrey.
– We resolved that from the Ksh55,101.00 (the £400 sent from UK) amount which was send to the
Kenyan teams by Rev Martin to be divided into three to buy 3 printers.
– Ksh20,000,00 was given to Madam Marion who is doing easyLusamia to
buy an Epson Printer to share with one more new team doing easyLusonga.
– Ksh20,000,00 was given to Ibrahim who is doing easyLunyala to have
one Epson to shared with easyLunyole team led by Geoffrey.
– Godfrey who is doing easyLuwanga and and easyGikuyu, leading larger
teams in Eldoret was given Ksh15,000,00 and was added Ksh10,000,00
which was contributed by Bp Isaac raising Ksh25,000,00 for him to have
one Epson to serve his larger team – he may only keep little as
Ksh5,000,00 which may be for stationary.

Agenda 2 – 23 Feb 2018 Catching with vision 2018 INDEPENDENT
easyBibles around the world.

– We resolved that every member working for voluntary ministry
(easyBibles) around the listed countries which are not poor, including
Kenya to learn to use their own funds and raise more for save future,
so as to help easy funding for the poor Christians members.
– To mobilize the church leaders to take over and help lead the teams
in churches on printings and selling of the booklets.
– Teams to create attractive activities like to have holydays shows
and simple conferences at least three times a year to help learning
disables and mobilizing communities to catch with 2018 vision for
independent easyBibles in future.
– Members appreciated the spirit by Bp Isaac who already given out his
printer to Pst Joseph doing easyBukusu, and also the 2 amazon which Bp
already given out to Eldoret teams, and thanked Rev Martin for his
continual support for the teams around the world.
– All receipts to be shown to Bp after buying of the printers and
photos to be send to Rev Martin.
The meeting ended at 2:45 pm and Bp prayed. Thank you Rev Martin for your encouragements.
Isaac and secretary Marion.

Camp Rhino, North Uganda is rapidly becoming the centre of easyBibles led by Ndomoro – more about this next week. There Narcisse from the Central African Republic is doing Sango, French for Africa and Lingala – working with Deborah from Kinshasa and her friend Bisoke from Bunio – also from DRC but near to the border with Buruni – all be email and Fb.

Back in Kampala – Seme is helping Landros from Burundi revise easyKirundi. We’ve just sent them £150 for a printer.
I’ve just been chatting on Fb to a new friend in Myanmar – who also knows Seme.

More very soon about the other 20 nations, in Africa and Asia – that we’re dealing with, so far about INDEPENDENCE-I’LL TRY TO UPDATE THIS LIST – FACEBOOK HAS DONE SO MUCH TO EXPAND THIS MINISTRY!

We shall update you about our second site – read recent updates – or perhaps a blog will have to do instead -FINALLY SENT ON March 4th!! Developing quickly – more on Fasting Wednesday March 7th

No.45 – Fasting Wed 7th Feb – vision embraced by Kenya; Tanzania; Pakistan

I’ve just received this wonderful email from Bishop Isaac Makokha in Kenya :

‘Hello again dear Rev Martin.

Just to inform you that I yesterday held a Kenya team meeting and we
agreed on the following.

1) My Epson printer to be given to easyNtombi team and was given to their
leader, Pst Joseph.
2) Myself to share with Caren one printer which will be currently
serving 4Languages (Dholuo, Lukhayo, Marachi and Swahili)
3) Pst Nashon with Sarah Emase leading easyAteso to share their 1
Epson with new easySonga team.
4) Card David to share with new nearby teams in Gusii land – we had a
phone chat with him and he agreed with this new vision for 2018.

Now Rev Martin – the rest remaining 8 teams shall wait till your
accounts be set for them next, as you will be starting with the first
four to be send 400 pounds on 16th Feb for their Epson’s.

1) Ibrahim – easyLunyala
2) Marion – easyLusamia
3) Godfrey Juma – easyLunyole
4) Gosfrey Wesonga – easyLuwanga

Rev Martin thanks for your continues support for KENYA.

The £400 will be to give half the cost of Epson printers to the 4 teams mentioned – this is less generous than i was with Uganda and certainly less than i gave Camp Rhino (where they need solar panels costing $450 each – so far i’ve bought them one plus five printers for this population of 2 million people – mainly widows and children from South Sudan). Bp Isaac is strongly leading his nation forward in easyBibles into INDEPENDENCE.

We are encouraged by similar leadership by my friend of nearly 14 years, Revd Samuel Mpanilehi in Musoma, TANZANIA as well as new friends in PAKISTAN. Please pray for similar conversations starting in Lusaka, Zambia.

Before the new site is ready – i already have 600 members of my Facebook open group ‘’ including about 100 Catholics from US.