Agreed at a Trustees Meeting on Friday 16th 2018

    Safeguarding policy, Easy-to-read Bibles

• The director does not work directly with vulnerable people. However, he occasionally meets children, the elderly and those with learning difficulties when meeting with church leaders as part of church visits when abroad. He has a current Basic Disclosure in the UK.
• None of the trustees work directly with vulnerable people abroad. Our activity involves facilitating local translators.

Those doing translation on behalf of Easy-to-read Bibles
• Local countries’ translation teams are now moving to a status of independence from Easy-to-read Bibles and hold the copyright for all their translations.
• Where local teams have not yet become independent, we work with translators on the recommendation by others based on the quality of their work, on the recommendation of church leaders, or after personal meetings with the Director on his occasional trips overseas.
• The equivalent of safeguarding policies and police checks are probably not available in many of the countries needing translation. However, if we hear of any inappropriate behaviour by individuals we will no longer work with that individual, and will report it to the Charities Commission.