Spectrum of Reading Levels

This is a revised application of the Rainbow.

The BLUES (BLUE, INDIGO & VIOLET ) bend most and therefore are on the inside of the rainbow. These colours are therefore most appropriate for the learning disabled with VIOLET used for the most severely disabled. In practice PURPLE looks better and is a royal colour in several cultures. In Mt 25 it is the king who reminds us to care for the least of these our brothers and sisters.
In this picture the VIOLET/PURPLE section is appropriately hidden under the Cross (such people are close to Jesus’ heart of love); INDIGO represents the slightly more able customers who could also manage slogans or simple captions with their pictures. The BLUE represents our current ‘veryeasy’ level. RED will now be used for ‘easy’ Bible texts.

Summary of Reading Levels :

RED is used for ‘easy’ and is to help pastors and other adults with reduced education. It is hoped to also add commentaries at this level.

ORANGE is used for ‘Street’ versions aiming to be more relevant and attractive for teenagers.

YELLOW represents materials which are a simplified form of ‘easy’ with much smaller vocabularies and shorter sentences. This is a level we shall experiment with in Chinese but at present only exists in English.

GREEN is for prisoners having low literacy. Some intelligent, literate prisoners and ex-offenders who love Christ may help with producing such materials.

BLUE means ‘veryeasy’ for the more intelligent learning disabled people.

INDIGO is for using by teachers with very disabled clients. It is mainly artwork with a few words or phrases. We need artists/cartoonists/media technicians.

VIOLET/PURPLE is for people who cannot read words. Large posters would be relevant. It is our Royal easyBibles level.