Starting an ‘Easy’ Project

  1. This is a team ministry. Please pray together as a team
  2. Collect as many useful sources and Bibles as you can.
  3. Please DO NOT JUST TRANSLATE the easyEnglish BUT use other sources and look at other easy to read Bibles in your country to produce Bible booklets in your own culture. This must then be checked by scholars. Label this product as ‘first draft’
  4. Please, if possible, use local artists.
  5. Field – test these materials with the customers. Change words they are difficult. ALWAYS THINK ABOUT WHAT THE CUSTOMERS NEED!
  6. Finally please remember that although your work will always be valuable, it is never completely finished. Languages change and you will attract the help of more learned scholars. We are God’s servants. It is His work!
  7. Your team should put its own copyright on the finished materials. Your work belongs to your team and your country!
  8. PLEASE NOTE THAT IN EASYENGLISH THERE ARE TWO LEVELS – A and B AVAILABLE FOR DIFFERENT READERS. Please consider whether BOTH of these levels might be useful to your people.
  9. Level A has a much smaller vocabulary and very short sentences. See .

Our prayers are with you and your important ministry!