This table includes team leaders whose teams have finished all 4 sets at the VERYEASY level plus 4 GOSPELS & ACTS (that is over half the New Testament) at level A :

1. Revd Khupkam Vaiphei in Manipur, India doing easyVaiphei
2. Bishop Isaac Makokha in Kenya doing easyMarachi, Lukhayo and Swahili for Kenya
3. Cardinal David Nyanganyeria in Kenya doing easyEkegusii
4. Pastor Henok in Ethiopia doing easyAmharic
5. Ansha Mohammod in Ethiopia doing easySomali
6. Tewodros Negash in Ethiopia doing easyWolayitta
7. Tsega AB Yohannis in Ethiopia doing easyTigrinya (also the main language of Eritrea)
8. Narcisse Bakouroua in Camp Rhino, Uganda but from the Central African Republic doing Sango, French and Lingala
9. Kabaale Benard in Uganda doing easyLuganda
10. Kia Moses in Uganda but from South Sudan doing easyJuba Arabic
11. Caren Atieno in Kenya doing easyDholuo
12. Nashon Makaya in Kenya doing easyAteso

testing new site – i’ll add some level B here :

    French for Africa