Fasting Wed 1st April – new website, new CIO and Mark in easyChin

Please pray that our new site, mentioned below will very soon be operating. I’ve spent the last few days phoning US, London and Australia to get us changed to this site – which is the result of Nshinka’s considerable expertise. Then he and i shall adjust it again – when he returns home to Zambia from South Africa.

This exciting development – together with our new CIO (the application forms will be sent off soon) will move us several steps forward. Thanks are due to all concerned!

From Myanmar we rejoice in our second gospel – Mark at level A in easyChin. The money has arrived there for printing and distributing.

Last Monday in Uganda,  AIC Bishop Wilson Waswa met with AIC Bishop John Wayabire to help him start Luke at level A in easyBugwere. This is how the message of easyBibles will spread!

New website

Soon what is now shown on will replace this site. It is from Nshinka in Zambia.

Zambia is sometimes called the ‘Heart of Africa’ and on most world maps Africa is at the centre. It is certainly the continent where the bottom 20 poor nations live – see .

My top UK website adviser describes this new site as ‘very good and very professional’.

It will soon become – so please send any comments to me at quickly. I hope to be able to edit later.

Please email me if you wish to unsubscribe. Currently i have 320 contacts worldwide.

Asia moves forward too; Nepal, Indonesia & Myanmar; Mind

Today 3 sets of veryeasyStories have arrived in Nepali – from T the wife of J who has finished all 4 gospels at level A in easyNepali – a strong team led by Gen Sec Harka who was at ITS college in Los Angeles where he gained his Masters degree alongside Pastor Juliman from Indonesia and Pastor Salvatori from Tanzania.

I heard from Pastor Salvatori last week. Pastor Juliman sent these photos today :

John’s Gospel at level A easyIndo is on the left then the next 2 photos are of Jonah at level B

Pastor Juliman hopes soon to update and send Luke at level A, too. He and Victoria pastor a church for Nias people in Jakata. Nias is Juliman’s home island – off west coast of Sumatra. Although Indonesia is wealthy; Nias was badly hit by the Tsunami – a few years ago – and needs help.

Pastor H in Myanmar is also soon completing Mark – his second gospel at level A in easyChin.

Myanmar and Nepal are 2 of the poorest nations in Asia.

As matters are progressing so well in Asia, it might well be good to have an Asian Conference in Kathmandu in late 2015 or early 2016 as well as the African Conference scheduled for November 2015 in Kampala. (12th anniversary of start of ‘easyBibles’).

Yesterday evening i attended an event organised by Stonewall at Colwyn Bay Police HQ. Next Friday i visit a cafe in Llandudno who support LGBT and MIND (an organisation to support people with Mental Health problems). Life is full – let us pray for one another.

Fasting Wed 4th March – outstanding progress in DRC; trustees

‘Dear Rev Martin ,
This is to inform you that the 4 volumes of veryeasyFrench Bible stories could be ready during March.
However  the Lingala , Swahili and Kiluba teams are revising their works. Their booklets will be sold at cheaper price .
Building the school for poor people is making progress. More photos soon.
As we discussed , the four gospels at level A in easyFrench need to wait for the book of Acts before definite printing (OHNT  – or over half the New Testament).

Meanwhile , you may show the four gospels to some francophone nations outside DRC for their comments. (They are to be found at – please send any comments to Martin too , please. I have friends who can read French)
We will include them where needed . So we definitely wish that local and SIM printing will actually start by end of March or before EASTER .’

The DRC teams mentioned above are largely independent of outside donations. This is the FUTURE!! Well done Democratic Republic of the Congo. When the violence subsides DRC is expected to be a world leader of Christianity – until the Lord returns.

The second most generous person helping ‘easyBibles’ is a Congolese friend giving $200 each month – half his salary

Our trustees meet again this Friday to move towards getting our CIO set up – so that UK donations might have c 20% tax added.

Thank you for praying for my small new church at Menai Bridge, Anglesey, North Wales. I now have the support of LGBT members from ‘Unity’ at Bangor University as well as Coleg Menai the Futher Education college on 5 campuses. We are investigating possibilities along the lines of ‘Fresh Expressions’ on Sundays and also Wednesday afternoons – when all British universites have free time from lectures for sport and other interests. We anticipate an exciting summer. Praise God!

Refreshed pages on Website; Poorest 20 Nations; Phase 2

Our Website Pages have been redone – while we wait for a new website from Zambia.

‘Phase Two’ and ‘Poorest 20 nations’ are worth studying.

Three African nations making excellent progress are :

Bishop Wilson in Busia, Uganda – 4 gospels in level A easyLugwe printed by SIM, Nairobi + sent back to Uganda for field-testing and improving before 2nd printing together with Acts for OHNT (over half New Testament). This team then need to finish and test the 4 volumes of veryeasy Bible Stories ( from ) before moving on to Phase 2.

Bishop Alain from Burundi will soon be having 100 copies of OHNT in easyKirundi level A printed locally before field-testing. His team will then need to complete the 4 volumes of veryeasy Bible Stories to finish Phase 1 .

Similarly Bishop Evariste (ably assisted by Pastor Elie) from Lubumbashi, DRC doing 4 languages including French for Africa– have the 4 gospels ready to print in DRC and by SIM, Nairobi. I’ll probably wait for the OHNT to be ready before printing with SIM, Nairobi. This will give me time to seek more francophone African countries willing to test some of these books – as volunteers. This team is also working on the 4 volumes of veryeasy Bible Stories to finish Phase 1.

Please observe our renewed emphasis on finishing the 4 volumes of veryeasy Bible stories – to complete Phase 1. The 3 bishops mentioned above are all members of the African Inland Church. May their understanding of ‘easyBibles’ spread throughout AIC and other churches! For the inspiring history of AIC please read .

The new CIO will soon be ready and we welcome Rhian to our list of Trustees.

Please pray for the relaunch of our church at Menai Bridge, Angelsey, North Wales on Sunday March 1st at 3pm.

Below we see Bishop Alain (Burundi, the 4th poorest nation in the world) distributing easyKirundi level A gospels from SIM, Nairobi to various churches. We hope soon to contact CAR – the Central African Republic, the poorest nation, to encourage easyFrench and easySango through friends in neighbouring South Sudan.

Purpose of; jobs left to do

As i will be 75 this year and Jenny and i provide over 85% of the funds for ‘easyBibles’ – now is a good time to review our priorities :

Phase 1 for any language will be to publish and distribute 100 or 200 copies of ‘4 Gospels and Acts’ at easy level A plus the 4 volumes of veryeasyBible Stories.

THIS IS AS FAR AS WE SHALL GET IN MY LIFETIME FOR MANY LANGUAGES. But once teams have produced these documents, they will be well placed to finish the New Testament – should they wish – without my help. And their churches can raise the money to print more copies. Also, when the readers have mastered these 5 books at level A then they should be able to move on to existing Bibles.

Phase 2 will be for languages without Bibles to move on to. Then for teams agreeing not to produce New Testaments that hurt the gay community we shall move forward together through Romans and 1 Corinthians……

Phase 2 has already started with a team in Uganda and i rejoice. Praise God!

Fasting Wed 4th Feb – Bible Society and easyEnglish; Trustees and our new CIO

It’s good to hear from my friend John Williams of MissionAssist (formerly Wycliffe Associates UK) that :

‘The Bible Society have decided to produce print-on-demand versions of Matthew, Luke and John. They have already printed Mark, so that will mean all four Gospels are available in EasyEnglish.’

This is the same level A that many of our teams are using as a basis for translation.

Please pray for the Trustees of ‘easyBibles’ as they meet tonight without me to move forward the setting up of our new CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation).

With others, i will soon be working again on an African website for ‘easyBibles’ . This will be ‘gay’ affirming not homophobic. Uganda and Malawi have much persecution over this matter already! Please pray for my continuing discussions with ‘easyBibles’ team leaders in those countries.

Dr Nim Njuguna & Kenya; distribution in Burundi; team leaders and new trainees

Recently God has blessed us with some wonderful new people joining ‘easyBibles’.

It is great to welcome a new Kenyan friend, Dr Nim Njuguna who is a tutor for The London Spirituality Centre – , and organises volunteers on Wednesdays for the Victoria & Albert Museum, London and has also been selected to be an African Changemaker (100 chosen out of 1000 people proposed by their African contacts) to join a project by the Royal Society of Arts – .

Nim also already runs his own mission to Nakuru, Kenya : includes encouraging young Kenyans (inc 2nd generation) to meet with in Kenya and encourage young Kenyans there by such useful practical schemes as raising goats.
It is wonderful to have Dr Nim’s help with easylenguges for Kenya too. Please pray, too, for his application to be Quaker Chaplain ( one day/week at Wormwood Scrubs Prison, London).
A very important part of our ministry is the distribution of gospels to help the poor and especially the poor readers. These gospels are NOT for the middle classes and their children as they already have Bibles BUT TO REACH THE POOREST PARTS OF EACH NATION!.
So, i greatly admire the ministries of Bishop Evariste and Pastor Elie (DRC) and their sacrificial desire (using their own money too) to start schools helping the ‘least of these their brothers and sisters’ Matthew 25 v 40. They’re helping Pygmies from the jungle areas too. We hope soon for some more photos but DRC has had internet problems for 2 weeks.
Bishop Alain in Burundi sent me this encouraging report yesterday :
‘Dear Rev Martin, Receive my greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I would like to inform you that i started the distribution. The strategy i use is to distribute books in different churches to the poorest people who are not able to buy the Bible.As soon as i finish to distribute  i will send you the report with pictures. Bishop Alain MUBIGALO MUTIKI’
I strongly respect all the men mentioned above, who are prepared to LEAD THEIR TEAMS FROM THE FRONT AND CHECK TEXTS THEMSELVES. THEY ARE NOT ARMCHAIR GENERALS!
I have also asked them to find a few young people to train to produce future translations. All of our work will need revising as we proceed and improve.
Now that we shall soon be printing ‘Over Half the New Testament’ (4 Gospels + Acts) in several languages we need to concentrate on distribution, collecting feedback and testimonies with photos and improving our documents to make them more relevant and helpful in spreading Christ’s wonderful message of love and salvation to ALL people. Matthew 28 v 19, 20.

Printing for Indonesia and Ethiopia; printing policy; training young checkers

Printing has begun for the Gospels of John and Luke at level A in easyIndo (Indonesian or Bahasa I – very similar to Bahasa M for Malaysia; the border in Borneo was only settled in 1958. These new translations will reach over 200 million people in the two nations). The team will also do veryeasyIndo Bible stories and easyNias and veryeasyNias. Nias is a tsunami island off Sumatra. It is Juliman’s home and he pastors a Nias church in Jakarta. Please scroll down to read more about Juliman, Vicky and their fine family.

Recently Pastors Abraham and Teshome met and had wonderful fellowship in Addis Ababa over the checking of Teshome’s Luke’s Gospel in easyAmharic at level A. This will soon be printed in Ethiopia.

In my many useful discussions with Pastor Elie of DRC we have agreed that it would be very useful if teams could start to train small numbers of young people (perhaps in their 30’s) to improve accuracy with the following :

1)  Chapter numbering should be consistent – same font and size. All verse numbers should be present.
2) Always close speech marks after they are used.
3) Punctuation. Sentences should finish with a full stop – then leave just one space – then the next sentence should start with a capital letter.
4) Capital letters should be used for the names of people and towns.

This will save much time and expense with printers.

Current Printing Policy

As the number of teams doing level A easyBibles increases, my current policy for new teams is to fund first the printing of  Luke’s Gospel then ‘4 Gospels + Acts’ for all teams from poor nations before moving on to help with whole New Testaments.4 Gospels + Acts’ will be known as ‘Over half the NT’ because they are that size!

Now that printing is going well we need to concentrate on distributing, field-testing and improving our work.

Unity, the LGBT group at Bangor University start again today and a few of us hope to attend.

Fasting Wednesday 7th January – Bishop Wilson spreads vision; easyFrench printed in 2 cities

Exciting news from Bishop Wilson (of the Bagwe Community doing the Lugwe language) :

‘Am happy to report to you concerning our good time meeting with the “OMUKUMBANYA”( The King of  The Bagwere Community). I arrived at 10.30 am and  was welcomed by the Prime Minister of the Bagwere Kingdom, who led me up to the King’s Palace. After a long discussion and considerations, we came up with the following resolutions:-

That the King  and his prime minister call an extra-ordinary General Assemble on 8th/01/2015 and I go back again to confirm the Translation Team.

However, The King of  the Bagwetre Community was very grateful for the Bible Translation project and welcomed the idea whole-heatedly.

The Bagwere Community have the population of about 1,300,000 people and already their Kingdom has been confirmed by the President of the Republic of Uganda in Feb,2014.

I was told that the Bagwere have got a Bible Translation department which already  has started working on the New Testaments but the  problem was the print out. I will confirm this on 8th/01/2015, when I next visit.

The Bagwere King is a Reverend and the Chairman for the Organization known as'”Revival and Salvation Apostolic Manistries. His name is: His Highness Ikumbania, John Chrysostom Wayabire.

Best regards, Rev. Wilson Waswa’.

Martin has asked Bishop Wilson to ensure that this new team can do gospels at level A. This must be new work that is easy -to -read. Please note that these are 2 different kingdoms in East Uganda and Bishop Wilson is sacrificially travelling considerable distances.


In Lubumbashi, DRC Bishop Evariste and Rev Elie are starting to print easyFrench. Because of the very difficult and dangerous access to that country we shall – with their support and blessing – also be printing some copies soon with SIM in Nairobi. Pastor Elie writes :

Friend Martin Baskerville will be involved in DRC this year, and he needs my help also. So the work will be focused on seminars, teachings, distribution of his ‘first steps course’ over the

provinces of DRC. This may help us also to spread the gospels  to  a great number of our populations. Let us pray.’    LET US INDEED PRAY FOR THESE  TWO BRAVE MEN AND THEIR MISSION.

Martin & Jenny rejoice that their artist friend Alan Thomson leaves hospital tomorrow and moves to a new flat in Colwyn Bay.

K in Shanghai has sent ch 7 of John’s gospel in easyChinese level A.